Nine Round Breathing Meditation Taught By Dalai Lama [TUTORIAL]

dalai lama nine rouund breathing

Nine Round Breathing meditation is an easy way to relax and to focus your mind.  It’s used by Buddhists to remove the states of ignorance, confusion, anger, hate, desire and attachment.

And it is also one of the best meditations for concentration.

If you already have a meditation schedule you should add Nine Round Breathing to the beginning of it. It will help to clam and focus your mind before you start other meditation techniques.

And if you do not have a schedule yet but would like one, check out my recommended meditation plan here.



What the Nine Round Breathing Exercise Is And Why It’s So Important

Nine Round Breathing originates from the most esoteric collection of meditations in tantra.

It is a truly powerful technique that you can use to clear up the energy centres in your body and to clear your mind of anger, hate, confusion, doubt, attachment, ignorance and desire, and the other negative states that Buddhism teaches about.

When you try the technique below you will probably notice how Nine Round Breathing is similar to Anapanasati meditation, the Buddhist technique used to create calmness and equanimity. Nine Round Breathing is a pre-tantric purification process that calms and centres the mind.

The tantra text teaches that there are “winds” in the body. Those winds are energies that serve the mind. But if the winds get blocked the energy will not flow and the mind will not function properly. 

To get your mind back to full function and to clear the energy in your body you can practice Nine Round Breathing.


When And Why Should You Use Nine Round Breathing Meditation

Obviously at times you and I and everyone on God’s green Earth experiences moments of mental impurity.

Perhaps you ‘ve been stressed recently. Or perhaps you’ve been experiencing certain negative thoughts. Those are examples of impurities in the mind.

If you are experiencing impurities like that, use Nine Round Breathing to calm and purify your mind.

Use Nine Round Breathing when:

  • When you’re feeling angry or hateful towards anyone or anything (including yourself).
  • When you have the same negative thought repeating over and over in your mind.
  • When you’re suffering from some sort of mental delusion. For instance, you are unable to accept your present reality.
  • When you are feeling mentally foggy or confused.
  • When you are unable to let go. For instance, let’s say that you have recently gone through a divorce and you are looking to move on but struggling. Use Nine Round Breathing meditation to help you accept the situation and move on.
  • At times of overly heightened desire: There’s nothing wrong with desire (well, unless you are a devout religious person in which case desire may be forbidden). However, at times your desire may overflow and interfere with your life. That’s another great time to use the exercise.


Tip: Use Nine Round Breathing for 5-10 minutes before your proper meditation session. This will calm and centre your mind ready for the next meditation.






The Basic Nine Round Breathing Exercise

This is the basic exercise and is one of the best breathing methods for beginners.

There are two different types of Nine Round Breathing Meditation. The first technique is the most basic one.

I would teach you this myself. But somehow I suspect that the Dalai Lama might do a better job than I would.

Because this is such an important exercise, the Dalai Lama has provided a video tutorial of how to do it. And of course, the Dalai Lama is such a beautiful and inspiring person (definitely one of the best spiritual gurus). So I’m sure you’ll love his tutorial.

Watch the video below. But remember that this is the basic exercise. It is not the full version (see below for the advanced technique)

The Dalai Lama has provided this as an introduction to the technique so that beginners can get started. So if you’re new to meditation, just use this one technique.

If you’ve been practicing meditation for a while, use this basic technique and then use the more advanced one below.

The beginners technique will relax you and get you to a point of balance. The advanced technique will completely purify your mind.

So, here is the beginners technique.


Breathing meditation training by His Holiness the Dalai Lama




The Complete Nine Round Breathing Exercise

In the tantric Nine Round Breathing exercise you visualise the three energy channels in the body. This is very helpful for purifying the mind. It’s often used at the start of a meditation session in order to calm and center the mind, ready for the meditation ahead.

If you’d like to try the tantric Nine Round Breathing exercise, here is how:

  1. Start by imagining your body as being completely empty.
  2. Now focus on the central channel, which starts in the same spot as the Eyebrow Chakra.
  3. The Central Channel flows down the skull straight down to a spot that is precisely four fingers width under your naval. It is coloured a transparent blue about a thick as a thick piece of string. On either side of this Central Channel are two more channels. Both of these are transparent and are as thick as a piece of string. The left channel is white. The right one red.
  4. To start, breathe in through your left nostril with the right nostril closed.
  5. Feel the air passing into your nose and right to the start of the Central Channel.
  6. Feel the air flow down the Central Channel to the left and right channel.
  7. Close your left nostril. This will make you breathe out the right channel.
  8. Breathe in again and image that your breath is like pure white light.
  9. Let all attachments and desire leave you. It will leave you like a black smoke exiting your side channels.
  10. Repeat the above three times.
  11. Time for the second round.
  12. Inhale white light through your right nostril.
  13. Imagine all anger and hate exiting your left channel like smoke.
  14. Repeat three times.
  15. Now for the third round.
  16. Imagine inhaling white light through your side channels.
  17. Imagine those channels connecting to your central channel, which can get blocked by confusion and ignorance.
  18. Breathe out all that confusion and ignorance as smoke until it comes pouring out from between your eyebrows.


This is the tantric nine round breathing exercise. It will purify your body and mind. Try it and let me know how you get on.

And of course there are lots of similar techniques you can use.

Why not spend 5 minutes doing Ayurveda practices (such as pranayama and kapalabhati).


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