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NEW YORK, May 19, 2020—Meditation app Breethe has teamed up with international DJ Tasha Blank to release guided dance meditations.

Breethe is a truly great meditation app on the market, not quite as big as Calm and Headspace but still gigantic in its own right with more than 2035 reviews averaging 4 stars on the Play Store. The app uses a combination of guided meditations and music to help with the most common problems, like getting to sleep at night and dealing with stress.

Breethe app has teamed up with international DJ Tasha Blank, who is the founder of NYC dance party The Get Down. Together, Tasha Blank and Breethe are inviting you to dance solo like no one is watching. They are releasing guided dance meditations on the application.

In a recent press release, Blank and Breethe stated that “Dancing solo may offer health benefits beyond what social dancing can provide.” They state that they have “leveraged research on dance and meditation” to launch its guided dance meditations, called “Dance Away Stress”.

Unfortunately, the team did not state what research, specifically, they are referring to. However, there is considerable research that reveals the benefits of dancing and of meditation (although, to my knowledge, there is little evidence as yet regarding dance-meditations specifically).

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Why Try The Breethe App’s Dancing Meditations

Dance meditations are fun, and indeed, dancing is one of the best hobbies for mental health.

Most Dance meditations today are based on the teachings of Chandra Mohan Jain (Osho) who devised Dynamic Meditation as part of his numerous movement-based meditation techniques.

There has in fact been limited research into the effects of dance-meditations, however, we do know from science that dance is one of the healthiest hobbies and exercises both the body and mind, helping with everything from depression to circulation [1]. Of course, there are more than 100 benefits of meditation. So combined, dance and meditation are indeed a potent combination, which is one reason why you might like to consider the Breethe app’s dancing meditations, “Dance Away Stress”.

The guided meditations also handle one of the most common problems with dancing: judgmentalism.

One of the problems with dance is that people tend to judge themselves when they do it. Whether we’re out at the club dancing and wondering whether we look as good as other people, or dancing at home and wondering why we don’t look as good as the people in music videos, dance can cause us to be self-critical. That’s why it might be a good idea to dance solo, as Breethe says.

Lynne Goldberg [Breethe co-founder and lead meditation teacher] says, “We judge or compare ourselves to people in videos. Dance Away Stress helps users release anxiety and let go without thinking about their peers on-screen. This experience is best facilitated with guided, audio-only instruction, and Breethe is truly the first meditation app to approach dance, mindful movement and meditation in this innovative format. 

“Dance Away Stress is an irresistible combination of dance, intuitive movement and mindful guidance,” said Tasha Blank. “It gives us the space to rediscover how fun it is to truly be ourselves and be with ourselves as we enhance our mental and physical well-being.”

As someone who absolutely loved dance and meditations (and yes, I do often do Osho’s dance meditations) I am fascinated to try out Breethe’s new guided meditations.


Dance Away Stress includes:


Four brief Shake Break practices

  • Shake Out Your Sh*t
  • Wake and Shake
  • Find Your Groove
  • Stress Buster

Three longer-format Move Your Body practices:

  • Get Out of Your Head
  • Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
  • Dance into Stillness



A portion of the Dance Away Stress content is currently free for a limited time.

Given the popularity of meditation, music, and indeed, meditation music, this could definitely be a hit and could massively boost Breethe app’s audience base.

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