15 Paths To Deeper More Effective Meditation

  • Want to go deep in meditation? Want more effective meditations? If so this guide has got you covered…
  • If you’ve been meditating for a while, and if you have exhausted all the techniques we covered in our guide to 31 meditation techniques.
  • You may have started to lose interest in your traditional meditation technique. Perhaps you need a way to revitalise the practice. Either way, we’re about to look at some fantastic ways that you can take your meditation practice further.

Here are 15 excellent ways how to go deep in meditation and make it more effective

Before I start the list…

The ultimate height of Zen-mastery is to achieve enlightenment. I’ve written an extensive guide to doing precisely that. So definitely read that link. The 15 entries on this list address other aspects of meditation.



How to go deep in meditation, technique #1:  Make it about others

Meditating to achieve personal happiness is one thing. Doing it for someone else’s happiness is something entirely different.

When you make someone else smile you bring good vibrations to yourself. Perhaps the best way to go deeper is to help other people. This develops your own practice and brings the benefits to others too.

Of course, if you have been meditating for a while you will already know how important compassion is. And you will probably have practiced Loving Kindness Meditation quite a lot. You may universal lovin kindness now. Great. Time to use it. Go out there are use your inner Zen to help other people.


How to go deep in meditation, technique #2: Go longer

Okay. So this one is obvious. But the truth is that the longer you meditate the deeper you go. What is the maximum time you have ever meditated for? An hour? Two hours? Four hours? A day? A weekend? Go long.

Of course it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate countless hours to meditation, but the simple fact of the matter is that the longer you meditate the deeper you go.

Challenge yourself. I’ve created a free meditation timer for you. So click that link. Then set the timer to, well, 20 minutes more than you usually meditate for. Try and focus for that amount of time.


How to go deep in meditation, technique #3: Silence

Nothing is more powerful than the sound of silence. Think about it. Silence occupies the universe. In all my years of practice I have never found a more powerful meditation technique than meditating on silence. It’s simple yet immensely rewarding. Sir Francis Bacon said, “Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.” Learn to love silence.

By the way, meditating on silence is not the same as meditating on the breath (Anapanasati). And it’s not the same as white noise or anything like that. It is the most divine sound of all. you will find this guide to meditating on divine silence to be very helpful. This one makes meditation more effective by far.


How to go deep in meditation, technique #4: Yoga

If you’re been meditating while sitting or lying down, or if you have been doing Zen Walking, you may wish to go a step further by beginning to meditate while doing yoga. Yoga is a powerful way of enhancing your mind  body connection and is also excellent exercise.



How to go deep in meditation, technique # 5:  “Enemies”

I hesitated to use the word “Enemy” in the heading because no one is truly our enemy. However, there are people we don’t get along with or who make us angry. These people can be immensely powerful objects for meditation. Practice loving kindness meditation while extending thoughts of love and kindness to the people you do not generally get along with. Then act kindly towards them and show compassion in person to them.



How to go deep in meditation, technique #6: Teach other people to meditate

If you truly want to take your meditation practice to an all new level and you don’t mind putting in the work, then try teaching. When you teach meditation you gain an all new understand of meditation and of other people. And it’s not as much work as you might think. Take a look at our guide to teaching meditation.



How to go deep in meditation, technique #7: Mix it up

At times you’ll want to try a different meditation technique. Trust me, you haven’t tried them all. How do I know that? Because we’re constantly discovering new meditation techniques. If you’ve already tried Anapanasati, body scan, Alpha, Merkaba, Intimate Meditation  and Zen, then take a gander at our extensive list of meditation techniques. I’m pretty confident you’ll find something there you haven’t tried before.



How to go deep in meditation, technique #8: Dance and Dynamic Meditation

A lot of people meditate only in stationary positions, and many other people only go as far down the dynamic route as to try Zen walking. Try dynamic and dance meditation. It’s a little different, and will create a different meditative state.



How to go deep in meditation, technique # 9: Meditate in a public place

When you have other people’s eyes all over you it’s harder to focus. But that only means that it’s more of a challenge. Go and sit somewhere public and meditate for one hour without opening your eyes. I’ve personally done this in the dark at night in the city but there are obvious risks to doing that and I don’t recommend it.


How to go deep in meditation, technique #10: Blindfolds

Wing Chun Kung Fu incorporates the use of blindfolds. When you blindfold yourself and try to move you force yourself to rely on senses other than sight. On a day off blindfold yourself for however long you like, then try to carry out your day. Be safe though. And because I don’t want to get sued I have to point out that you probably shouldn’t do this at any time ever because it’s not safe… it will make your meditation deeper though.

Part of Blindfold Chi sao Seminar DVD


How to go deep in meditation, technique #11: Meditation is a way of life

Most people meditate at specific times. They spend their twenty minutes or so practicing. And then that’s it. They return to their usual way of life. If you really want to get the most from meditation, meditate the whole day while doing your everyday activities. Washing up? Do it mindfully. Talking to someone? Again, do it mindfully? Walking somewhere? Make it a Zen walk. Running? Zen run. It goes on. Make meditation your life.



How to go deep in meditation, technique #12: Pain


Hmmmm…. disclaimer time. Ask a doctor. But the next time you are in pain meditate on it. Take a look at my guide to meditating for pain relief for more on this.


How to go deep in meditation, technique #13: Binaural Beats

Personally I am not into binaural beats at all because they are unnatural. I would personally much prefer to find a waterfall and meditate on its sound. But it’s obviously a heck of a lot easier to navigate to Youtube than it is to navigate to a waterfall. So, hit up Youtube, find some binaural beats and listen.

Powerful Third Eye Opening Binaural Beat Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie


How to go deep in meditation, technique #14: Be smart

This is not a tip for going deeper but rather a warning. You should only try deep meditation when you are an advanced meditation practitioner and when you truly understand meditation. It has been scientifically proven that (although we love it and we know the benefits of it) meditation does have some potential health risks. You should never try to go deeper in meditation until you are truly ready. For the first year at the very least you should stick with basic techniques. Please read this very important bulletin about the health risks of meditation. Be smart. Don’t make a mistake.


15. Use Tukdam Meditation and live to 200 like this monk.


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