“Desk Meditation” Works Wonders For Office Employees

desk meditation for office employees

One of the best things about meditation is how versatile it is and how quickly you can reap benefits. Take our “Desk Meditation” exercise, for instance. It’s a short five-minute meditation for office employees who want to practice mindfulness at work. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t even have to close your eyes. Try the simple exercise below, and then we’ll discuss more ways you can meditate at the office, and the reasons why you definitely should.

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Try This “Desk Meditation” At Your Office 

  1. You can do this meditation with your eyes open or closed. If meditating with your eyes open, look downwards at a 45-degree angle and hold your gaze still, looking at something plain (not stimulating).
  2. Take a deep breath in through your nose to a count of four. Pause for four. Breathe out through your nose for four. Pause for four. Continue breathings in this pattern of fours.
  3. Brings your awareness to your feet. Notice the sensation of your feet on the ground. Just observe the energy there. If your mind wanders, just every so gently guide your awareness back to your feet.
  4. Now become aware of your ankles and observe the sensations taking place there.
  5. Continue up though your body, spending a few moments being aware of the sensations in different parts of your body. Work in this order: lower legs, upper legs, pelvic region, back, stomach, chest, upper arms, lower arms, hands and fingers, neck, face, head.
  6. When you have completed this body scan, look at your entire body from above, as though you were disconnected from yourself and simply observing yourself in the present moment.
  7. Take one final deep breath.
  8. Note: I’ll be sharing more meditations for the office below.

Benefits of Meditation for Office Employees

As the leading provider of corporate meditation classes, we here are The Daily Meditation have seen how effective meditation can be in helping office employees to be more productive, healthier, and happier. And science backs this.

A review of 109 randomized controlled trials published in the National Library of Medicine shows that meditation is effective in helping employees with chronic illness, pain, substance use, depression, anxiety, perceived stress, somatization, cancer support, burnout, and many other conditions.  We here at THE DAILY MEDITATION have also witnessed additional benefits.

I’ve previously written an in-depth guide to the benefits of meditation at work. But let me briefly touch on the results that we’ve seen here at THE DAILY MEDITATION.

I think that for me, as a corporate meditation facilitator, the most amazing thing is how quickly meditation can change the work environment. Too many workplaces struggle simply because they do not give employees adequate tools to relax and to release stress. Through weekly twenty-minute meditation sessions we have been able to help employees to release their stress, clear and calm their minds, and raise their spirits. Plus, because meditation makes employees calmer and more compassionate, we’ve also seen meditation reduce conflicts at work and improve teambuilding.

Arguably the best thing about meditation for office employees is how quick and easy it can be, as illustrated with the Desk Meditation I shared above.

Meditation is almost unique in the fact that you can do it in as little as five to ten minutes while sitting at work and without disturbing anyone else. It’s hard to think of any other wellness exercise that is so accessible. Indeed, oftentimes I myself will stop working for just five minutes or so, close my eyes and do some mindful breathing (see the exercise below). Those five minutes will clear my mind and release any built-up stress, without interfering with my work. And for me it is that accessibility that makes meditation classes the number one type of  corporate wellness program.

Let me show you some more ways to meditate at the office.

More Ways To Meditate At The Office

Mindful Breathing

Without doubt the most popular form of meditation is mindful breathing, which traditionally is called Anapanasati. This is the practise of observing the breathing moving through the body. Science shows that this meditation promotes activity of the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, it is easy to do at the desk. Try the guided meditation below.

Soham Meditation

Soham meditation is a mantra-based meditation that is wonderful for relaxation. Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t want to recite mantras at the office because everyone will hear me.” No worries. Soham is a very quiet form of mantra meditation in which the mantra (the sound) is made through very subtle, almost sigh-like sounds. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.

Body Scan

As part of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), Body Scan is backed by a tremendous amount of research. That research shows that it is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, in my experience, it also makes us more productive because it enhances the mind/body connection. Try the meditation below.


Meditation is incredibly versatile and accessible, and because of that, it is one of the very few exercises that you can do at the office without disturbing anyone. By taking just five to ten minutes to meditate you can reduce stress, promote calmness, and even enhance your productivity. Practised regularly over a longer period of time, mindfulness training can also improve cognitive performance, which enhances the possibilities for career growth. For best results, we recommend booking a corporate meditation class with us. We will teach everyone at your office to meditate so your entire team benefits!



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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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