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There are four ways of developing psychic abilities through meditation, mantras and mudras. You can use these meditations for psychic powers to unlock the dormant abilities that are in your psyche.

One of the most amazing things for me as a meditation teacher is the way in which certain exercises unlock abilities like clairvoyance. Most people consider these powers “supernatural”. They’re really not. It’s just that most people don’t know how to use them.

When you use these “psychic meditations” to unlock your psychic powers, you will find that your mind is naturally capable of what many consider “supernatural”. These abilities include psychometry, precognition skills, divination and the ability to feel others’ feelings.

Yes You Can Use Meditation For Psychic Development

Every human being can develop intuition and psychic powers, such as the ability to feel others feelings.

The word “psychic” is Greek and means “of the mind”—in other words, psychic powers are a natural part of the human mind.

All humans can develop the psychic powers that are dormant within their mind—including you.

Simply put: You have within you the dormant ability to be clairvoyant, precognition and so-called “supernatural powers” through meditation.

developing psychic powers

You can develop these “supernatural” abilities

Of course, you might never become as psychic as some of the best psychics in the world.

Those professionals have special skills they use when they give a psychic reading. Getting to the level of an absolute pro obviously does take time and training. But what you can start to do today is to undercover the powers that are in your mind. And one of the best ways to do that is to use meditation for psychic development.

As a meditation teacher, I’ve known many people who thought they could never be psychic. That is until they tried the psychic meditation techniques I’m about to share with you. When I taught those people the methods below, many of them were shocked to find that they naturally had abilities like intuition and some light mind-reading abilities. They had always had those skills, they had just never used them, until I taught them to meditate. I hope you are able to uncover your own skills too when you try the methods below.

But before we look at how to develop psychic abilities through meditation, let me share with you some stunning scientific research that proves that meditation gives you “supernatural powers”.

What science says about meditation and psychic powers

Even today in 2019, most people refuse to accept that it is possible to develop psychic abilities. They believe that precognition, clairvoyance, psychometry and other skills are a myth.

“Where’s the scientific proof of these mind powers?” they ask.

Well, the next time a sceptic tells you you’re crazy, tell them about the following scientific proof.

Dr Dean Radin is the chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (a certifiable genius who has formerly held positions at Princeton University and The University Of Edinburgh).

Speaking to EpochTimes, Radin shared one survey that The Institute Of Noetic Sciences [IONS] conducted. You will not believe the results of this survey.

In the survey, IONS asked 2000 meditators whether they had ever noticed their psychic powers in meditation, including clairvoyance, precognition, and other “supernatural powers”.

One-thousand-five-hundred of the meditators (75%) stated that they had indeed unlocked psychic powers through meditation.

In his book, Supernormal [one of the best psychic development books] Radin states that one of the best ways to uncover the inner-psychic is with meditation.

In the book, Radin states, “For a Western-trained academic, the mere existence of, say, telepathy, would be considered supernormal… For an experienced yogi, it’s just a boringly normal minor siddhi [power].”

Yogis and advanced meditators know that there are powers of the mind that might seem like supernatural powers to some but which are, in fact, a natural ability of the human mind.

It’s nothing new.

Traditional views on the link between yoga, meditation and psychic abilities traditional view of the “Siddhi.”

woman with candles and wine

There is nothing new about the idea of developing psychic powers through meditation. It isn’t so much that meditation gives you these new abilities, but instead that it let’s you unlock the psychic abilities you already have.

Traditional Buddhist and yogic teachings state that if you train in meditation, you will achieve a higher state of consciousness.

As your consciousness advances, you will begin to develop psychic powers as part of siddhi [special abilities].

The Bhagavata Purana (one of Hinduism’s Eight great histories) states that yogis and meditators will establish the following five siddhis:

These are just a selection of some of the supernatural powers meditation gives you (siddhi).

Both science and spiritual tradition state that the more you meditate, the more you will unlock psychic abilities.

Just one question: How to open your mind to psychic abilities using meditation.

Let’s take a look.

4 Best Meditations For Psychic Powers

1. Ajna Dhayana

If you only want to use one meditation for psychic development, make it this one.

The third eye meditation technique is a powerful meditation that has existed for thousands of years. It’s a mind-training exercise in which we focus on the third eye chakra (Ajna), located between the eyebrows.

When you use this psychic technique, you will awaken and strengthen your third eye. This is the best way to use meditation for psychic abilities. It method will increase your intuition and awaken the real power of your mind.

You might like to read my guide to third eye meditation for more on this. Another great option is shambhavi mudra.

2: Samyama  

Samyama is a combination of Dharana (concentration), Dhyana, and Samadhi (union). This is a yogic tradition performed to receive deeper knowledge of the qualities of the object of meditation.

Yoga sage Patanjali taught that Samyama would lead to prajñā, which is an insight into the true nature of reality.

Samyama is performed by meditating absolutely on one subject (which could be an object or person), letting go of the self, and achieving oneness with the object of meditation.

When you do this, you will gain insight into the truest nature of the object (or person) on which you are meditating.

Here’s how to develop your psychic abilities using this method.

Grab a picture of someone you want insight into (preferably a printed image, not on the phone)

3: Mantra for clairvoyance 

Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are said to grant special powers to the person who recites them.

There are thousands of mantras in existence today, most of which come from Hinduism and yoga.

There is one particularly powerful mantra for psychic abilities. The mantra is the Trikal Gyan, which represents the knowledge of the past, the present and the future. So if you have ever wanted to have precognition, this mantra is said to help.

Here is the mantra:

Om Ham Namo Akash Deyava

This is the best mantra for psychic abilities. Recite it 108 times in the morning, afternoon and night.

4: Use This Mudra   

Mudras are hand positions that are used in yoga and Buddhism.

When we place our hands in specific mudras, we create special properties. These mudras can heal us; they can grant us access to powerful mental states, and, yes, there are mudras for psychic powers.

The best mudra for psychic powers is the Buddhi mudra.

To perform this mudra, touch the tip of your fourth finger to the tip of your thumb, and hold your other fingers out straight.

Meditate for twenty minutes while performing the Buddhi mudra.

psychic powers woman looking at candle

No, they aren’t “supernatural powers”, they’re natural

Do not listen to the sceptics.

Sceptics will always tell you that you cannot access psychic powers, that these “supernatural powers are just myths.


You—and only you—know the endless possibilities of your mind. Many powers of the human mind have yet to be fully discovered. The majority of people only use a small fraction of their mind power. But with exercises like meditating and using mantras, you can gain access to those supposedly supernatural mind powers. The trick is knowing how to open your psychic abilities.

What will you see when your eyes are truly open?

Do You Have The Psychic Ability To Feel Others Feelings?

Why can I feel other people’s feelings?

I used to ask myself that question all the time. Then I discovered the answer psychic abilities. Yes, this is one way in which we experience those supernatural powers called psychic abilities.

Do you have the psychic ability to feel others feelings and emotions?

Have you ever experienced a moment of oneness with someone?

It may have felt as though you are one with another person, a feeling of psychic intuition, like a mind-meld.

Can you feel other people’s emotions?

These psychic phenomena genuinely do happen.

For instance:

I used to worry about this weird phenomenon. Because I would be developing these psychic abilities by meditating and at first I didn’t understand them. “Why can I feel other’s feelings?” I would ask myself all the time.

Then I discovered that it is a good thing.

Can we feel others’ feelings?

Millions of people every year search for new online psychics because they believe in psychic abilities. But can we truly feel what other people feel?

And if so, why can I feel other people’s feelings?

Well, let me open your eyes little.

The standard, contemporary view of life is that we are individuals. We have our bodies. We have our minds. We have or own brains. We are individual people. So the notion goes.

The rest of the world is out there. They are separate to us.

Science seems to confirm this idea of individuality, of “us” and “them”.

Science tells us that we are a combination of particles, atoms, and molecules working together to create our being and that all “mental phenomena” are the result of the activity of those particles in our brains.

And because of all this, science suggests that we cannot feel what other people are feeling, that psychic intuition is not real.

When we think we feel what other people feel, we, in fact, are only projecting our feelings onto other people.

But is that the truth?

Or is it just the token answer of scientists who have yet to discover the real truth? After all, every day, scientists discover new facts that disprove what they formerly held as gospel.

And sometimes science is not the be-all-end-all.

Frankly, science be damned because science still cannot tell me why can I feel other people’s feelings.

Human experience does still count for something, even in the 21st Century.

Consider these three experiences.

3 Experiences Of Developing Psychic Abilities Through Meditation

1: When you feel someone’s emotions through empathy

Odds are you have experienced this sensation at least once in your life. You get the impression that you feel what the other person is feeling. It’s a moment of connection through empathy. You feel someone else’s emotions.

If you use the techniques we looked at above to develop psychic powers through meditation; you will probably experience this supernatural power relatively early on. It is like you are psychically connected to another person, and you can feel their feelings.

2: Oneness with other people 

The second type of experience is oneness. You will experience this using the psychic meditation techniques above,

This is a feeling of oneness with another person’s feelings and emotions.

This is one of the most common psychic abilities developed through meditation.  Oneness creates the sensation that you are escaping your self, that you are becoming one with the universe.

Brain scans show that meditating relaxes activity in the brain’s default network and that this reduces the separation between the individual and the outside world, creating the feeling of oneness.

Many meditators experience moments of oneness with the emotional state of another person. This state feels like we are sharing emotions with a person (often a twin flame, a very close friend or relative, or someone we have a natural rapport with).

Sometimes, our psychic intuition zero-in on another person’s emotions, and this is how we can feel other people’s feelings.

3: Using meditation for the psychic power of “Interconnected Knowing”

Then there is the state of interconnected knowing. It is an advanced psychic ability that manifests at essential times in life. You will experience this when you try the psychic meditation techniques we looked at above.

This is a spontaneous act of communication between two people, without words or any other known means of communicating.

There are stories of family members who can feel each other’s fear. One family member will be in an emergency, and the other family member will intuitively sense it.

I vividly remember one time when I experienced this state. It was a March morning in 2014. I woke up knowing that something was wrong with my father. Two hours later, I received a phone call telling me he had died from an accidental fall.

Such moments are rare, but they do happen. And the more you meditate, the more you will experience these moments.

How We Develop Psychic Abilities And Why 

Science struggles to explain how we develop psychic abilities.

Yes, you and I know we can feel other people’s feelings and that we have moments of precognition and other so-called “supernatural abilities”. But science cannot explain it. And like a toddler who doesn’t get their way, when scientists can’t explain something, they throw a tantrum and call it a “myth”.

Then some materialists argue that we can not feel another person’s feelings (or experience any other psychic ability) but that it is all us ourselves projecting things onto the world and other people.

So how do we develop psychic abilities? How do we explain supernatural powers?

I believe we are all interconnected. If we are all interconnected then these “psychic abilities” or “highly empathetic abilities” are no longer phenomena. They make perfect sense. These psychic moments are just one part of a single body communicating with another piece, like your brain communicating with your mouth when you speak.

Or perhaps all matter is consciousness.

That is the view of the “panpsychist”, those who believe that all is mind. And each year more and more psychologists and scientists take-up the panpsychist view.

Panpsychists believe that consciousness is like gravity, that it is a universal ever-present.  This certainly would explain how we can develop psychic powers. Because if everything is consciousness, then mystic moments are simply us picking up on part of that consciousness, which we are connected to.

What do you believe?

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