Developing Decision Making Techniques | How To Have Good Decision Making Skills

Developing decision making skills is vital for success. Luckily, there are some truly excellent techniques you can use. They’re the best way how to have good decision making skills. Let’s take a look.


Developing Decision Making Techniques

This exercise for developing decision making techniques requires you to make quick decisions and also to splash out just a little bit of cash (literally pennies though, so don’t worry too much about that!) Essentially, we are going to make a few quick purchases at a local convenience store. You can buy candy or any other reasonably cheap item, but make sure to select a category of product from which you can choose 5 items for little cost.

There are a few reasons for doing this exercise to develop decision making techniques at a store. These are:

1)      Other people may be around, hence helping your ability to judge / evaluate publicly.

2)      The cost (though small) insures that you do at least invest some effort into your purchases.

3)      You get an instant reward for your work. Rewards are especially effective in training your brain. You want to make sure your brain associates the judging / evaluating work (the exercise) with a positive outcome (the candy).


In my experience this exercise is the best way to develop decision making skills. So, if you want to know how to have good decision making skills, this is it.

Part 1

1)      Make sure you have enough cash to buy 5 items of whichever category of product you have chosen.

2)      Visit your local conveniece store whenever is easiset for you.

3)      Spend at least a  few minutes looking over the items so you are aware of the possible choices you could make.

4)      List ten items that you might like to buy.

5)      Wittle that list down to 5 (hence practicing your ability to say NO to items)

6)      Order the 5 items you most want from 1 to 5

7)      Buy them (and tell the shopkeeper of! 😀

8)      Eat the first of your candies. The rest are the reward for part 2.



Steps for Developing Decision Making Techniques,Part 2

Do this part of the exercise later on the same day or even the next day.

1)      Choose one of the following items (choose the one you have the most emotional atachment to) : songs; movies; books; pictures / photos ; facebook friends ; twitter followers / following; cards (if you have collected cards youve recieved over the years)… these are just examples. Choose something you have an emotional connection to and of which you have at least 10 different examples (so you must have 10 favourite songs or movies, friends etc.)

2)      Take a few minutes to list your items in order from 1 to 10.

3)      Now, you are about to permanently throw away 5 of these items (mentally. You dont have to actually do it. Just pretend that you are going to throw them out or delete them etc.)

4)      Create two lists; one list of items that you will keep, the other of ones you will get rid of.

5)      Mentally imagine yourself saying goodbye to the 5 items on your “get rid of” list.

6)      Take a few minutes to look over the items you chose to keep. Recognise why you made your decision.

7)      Eat candy number 2  (or treat yourself in some other way; whatever works best for you).

Do this exercise regularaly to get used to evaluating various items. This will help you weigh up the value of products, ideas and much more and will greatly help with the decision making process.

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