Learn Dharmachakra Mudra, The Wheel Of Dharma

dharmachakra mudra buddha with cat

Dharmachakra Mudra can be translated to “Wheel of Dharma” from the original Sanskrit. This mudra is one of the most important of all Buddhist mudras. Hence its inclusion in our online meditation course.

The Dharmachakra Mudra represents the moment when Buddha preached his first sermon in Deer Park after attaining enlightenment. The event is often considered the moment that “Set the wheel in motion.” Hence why this mudra is called the Dharmachakra Mudra / Wheel of Dharma Mudra.


Here’s a quick guide to performing the mudra

Follow these instructions for the Dharmachakra Mudra, then meditate on the breath for 10 minutes while holding the gesture.

  1. Place the tip of the index finger of both hands on the tip of the thumb.
  2. Hold your hands up at heart level with the left hand in front of the right.
  3. Turn the right palm to face outwards
  4. Turn the left palm to face inwards
  5. Meditate in this position for ten minutes. Try it now.


 And here’s some of the amazing things the mudra can do for you

  • The Mudra promotes spirituality
  • It balances and stabalises energy and emotion
  • It is very calming

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