How To Be A Different Person By Taking One Brave Little Step

how to be different tomorrow by admitting your regrets today

 We all know that we’re supposed to have no regrets, right? But if you have no regrets, what are you going to learn from? Instead of pretending that everything is perfect, be brave and admit what was wrong with today, then you will know how to be different tomorrow.

Let’s be totally straight-up and honest here.

We all have regrets.

We all know those people who tell us that they have no regrets. But do you believe them? Can there really be a single person on God’s green Earth that doesn’t wish that at least one thing had gone differently for them?

You know what I think?

I think those people who say they no regrets are actually just lying. And not just lying to you and me. They’re lying to themselves. They’re in denial. And being in denial is one of the worst places you can be.

If you cannot accept something, you cannot change it.

That’s why one of the best ways to change is to ask some self reflection questions. These questions force you to accept the way things are.

Put your hands up right now and say with me, “I do have regrets in my life”.

Done it?


Because here is the truth. The best way how to be different tomorrow is to admit what went wrong today.

Let’s repeat that.

If you want to know how to be different tomorrow, admit what was wrong with today.

What do you wish you had done differently today?

What regrets do you have from today?

Me? Now, I am not perfect. I am a happy person. Very happy, overall. In fact, my friends often tell me I am the happiest person they know (at which I suggest they look up Matthieu Ricard, the happiest person alive).

I’m not perfect.

And looking back on today, I wish I had done things a little bit differently.

Now you are probably wondering, what did I do today that I wish my day had been different?

Woke up. Worked. Worked… worked… And now, at 8:15, I’m writing this (which… ermmm…. is work, but with my readers, who are my family, so it’s good work).

Yes, I spent literally all day working. And I didn’t even step outside once today.

I’ve been trying to complete a project at work on my blogs (I single-handedly run this blog and, which is a blog in which I show my love and passion for storytelling). And because I was so involved with my work today, I literally did not even step outside ones. I mean, how mindless is that? I this from a guy who wrote the article “25 Mindful Habits To Do Every Day”, which is literally chocked full of tips on getting outside and living life mindfully.

And I do regret it. I regret that the sun rose, lit up the day with its glory, and then descended, all while I stayed penned up inside, away from those golden rays.

I am going to be different tomorrow.

How am I going to be different tomorrow? By being very, very honest with the regrets I have from today.

Now, I always like to be straight-up with you guys. So, I am going to say something controversial that might piss some of you off. But, we are family, and I believe in honesty with my blog-family. So here is the deal…

The spiritualist movement / personal development movement / ah whatever the hell you want to call it, it is all obsessed with positivity. And that’s one hell of a mistake.

Hear me out.

Positivity is important. That’s why I’ve written about a hundred articles on positivity. Yes, positivity is very important. But we’ve all gone blind with positivity. We have missed the point about negativity.

You have negative emotions for a reason. Your negative feelings say, “This is something wrong. This is something I am going to change”.

It’s only when you face those negative feelings head-on that you can learn from them.

Let’s stop being blind. Let’s see the truth in the negative. And let’s learn from it. Let’s see the light in the dark.

You have regrets from today. Even if you had the best day ever it still wasn’t perfect. So, let me ask you; what was wrong today that could be right tomorrow? Answer that question now. Maybe right down your answers. Because those answers will tell you how to be different tomorrow.

If you want to know how to be different tomorrow, you have to start with today, right? So make that list. Write down everything you did today that you could do differently tomorrow.

For me, I have just a few very basic points.

I regret not getting out of the house. When the sun rises tomorrow, I will rise with it. And even though I work at home I am going to get out and go for a walk first thing in the morning, as though I were walking to work.

I am going to stop working. I love my work and am deeply passionate about it. I have so much love for this blog that John Lennon could write a song about it. But I cannot work on it nonstop. So, after a few hours work tomorrow I am going to stop and enjoy the rest of the day.

Those are my two regrets from today. They are the two ways I will be different tomorrow. How will you be different tomorrow? Let me know. Leave a comment.






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