Discover the best vegan recipes with Isa Does It

Learn the Best Vegan Recipes with Isa Does It: A Book Review

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is a journalist, author and former host of Post Punk Kitchen, a cooking show on public access TV. She’s been thrilling the taste buds of thousands of people for many years. Her latest book, Isa Does It, reveals her favourite vegan dishes, all of which are easy and quick to make, taking no more than 30 minutes (though if that’s anything like Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes, it’s really 2 hours!).

In Isa Does It, Moskowitz shares more than 150 of the best vegan recipes, including such culinary delights as Sweet Potato Red Curry and Bistro Beet Burgers.  The recipe in the book use simple ingredients which you’ll be able to find in no time at all—most of which will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Likely to be every reader’s favourite aspect of Isa Does It are the pictures. The meals are presented with mouth-watering visuals that will inspire you to try out each and every one of the recipes in the book. It’s a bit like reading a kids book. You know, simple pictures and easy words, the style of writing  that we adults, if we’re honest about it, really prefer to long and drawn out prose. You’ll feel like you’re turning the page of your kids’ favourite pop-up book, rather than reading a fine dining title. But the beauty of the book is that it makes delicious recipes so flipping quick, easy and (relatively) cheap to make.

It might have the best vegan recipes, but is it worth a read for non-vegans?

So, all in all a fantastic book, but there’s one all important question that remains: Is it worth a read if you’re not a vegan?

Honestly, I have to say yes. Not being a vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy vegan cuisine, and some of the recipes in this book are so darned tasty that you would be a fool to miss out on them. Plus, the book looks great. The front cover is bright and cheerful, and the pictures of the food are wonderful. In other words: this book will look great in your kitchen.

The book costs $20.69 CDN, which is a fair price given the beautiful photos, the excellent presentation and the fact you’ll be learning 150 of the best vegan recipes. So, why not picj yourself up a cop. Here’s the link:

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