Divine Feminine Meditation Script For Feminine Energy [Yin]

divine feminine meditation script

Many of my students in my online meditation lessons have asked for meditation to embrace their divine feminine energy. And this one is perfect.  

We all need feminine energy. Without it, we will be unbalanced. Indeed, feminine energy (yin) is present in all aspects of nature, as is masculine energy (yang). It is essential for wellness [1]

Masculine energy is active; it’s about power. Feminine energy is about flow and creativity. 

We can nurture the divine feminine with a meditation script. Let me show you how.

Yin Meditation Script

1: Sit with good posture and close your eyes.

Sit in a comfortable position on the ground or on a seat. 

Allow your body to be comfortable. Your spine should be straight but relaxed. Let your shoulders open so you open your heart space. And let your palms face upwards.

When you sit with good posture you will feel stable and grounded. And you will find it easier to meditate. Research shows that posture affects the mind. Particularly, it helps with confidence and focus according to Richard Petty [professor of psychology, Ohio State University]. [1]   

 Now gently close your eyes.  

2: Slow down and simply be. Don’t think. Just observe the breath

We spend too much time in life in the “doing” mode. Sometimes we need to switch to the “Being” mode. Like Osho said, “Be. Don’t try to become”.  

To switch to “being”, gently direct your attention to your breath. Watch as your breath enters through your nostrils, moving down into your body. Notice how your chest and diaphragm open. And then watch as your breath flows out through your mouth.

Simply observe this movement of the breath in and out. 

Deep breathing in this way stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, and reduces amygdala activity [2]. In turn, you will feel calm and relaxed.

3: Visualise warm, pure white light flowing down over you

Visualize a shower of warm white light pouring down over your body. You feel the warm, healing energy. It embraces your skin, relaxing your muscles, and rejuvenating you.

Watch as this pure white light flows down from above. First, it touches your mind. And it silences your thoughts. Then it continues down your face, relaxing your eyes, jaw, and mouth. You notice how the muscles in your face relax and how tension melts away.

The light continues down your neck. And your neck surrenders, letting go… letting go.

And so, the light continues all the way down your body, relaxing each part of your body with its feminine, yin energy.

Finally, the light touches your toes. And by now, your entire body is relaxed and soothed.

Here, we are gradually moving our conscious awareness through our body. This is a form of Body Scan meditation, created by Jon Kabat Zinn. Research shows that Body Scan helps to reduce stress and anxiety and to increase the mind-body connection.

4: Meditate on your whole body from a point of nothingness

The next part is to connect with infinite creativity. Allow your conscious awareness to float up above your body.

You are aware of your entire body, but you are also disconnected from it. It feels as though you are floating above yourself. You feel emptiness and profound relaxation all around you. You look down on your body and accept every part of yourself.

Rest here for a few moments, floating above yourself, allowing your body to rest in the present moment.

5: Feel yin energy showering down from the entire universe onto you

The final step is to bathe in feminine energy.

You are currently floating above yourself, looking down on your body with pure awareness. Now, visualize divine feminine energy showering down from the entire universe onto you. You feel that nurturing, creative energy bathing your body. You feel warm and restored. Your entire body is relaxed. You are bathing in the divine feminine.

Allow yourself to rest here for five minutes.

Now gently open your eyes. Take one big breath. Reach your arms up high. Now arch your arms outwards to your sides and let them come down, resting on your thighs.

You are divine

We’ve now finished our divine feminine meditation script. Take a moment to realise that you are divine. See the divine in yourself.

You are the same energy of which the universe is made. You are a miracle. Your body and mind are beautiful, feminine vessel. Take a moment to express gratitude for the divine feminine energy in you.

And next, you might like to try my meditation for creative energy.

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.

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