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Our mission here on THE DAILY MEDITATION is to help you achieve enlightenment. But you might wonder: What are the signs of an enlightened person?

Enlightened people are all around us. But you might not spot them. After all, enlightened people are not the type of people to gloat, show off or draw attention to themselves. In fact, they are often the quieter ones, the ones helping out their fellow man, the ones protecting the environment, the ones living their entire lives helping those in need.

Here are the top 10 signs of an enlightened person. Are you one of them?

We are looking for enlightened people. Do you know any? Look for these ten signs.

1: You Can’t Judge Them By Their Looks  

Enlightened people don’t have anything abnormal or special about them in a physical sense. At least, not at first glance. Physical beauty is not a sign of an enlightened person necessarily. But you can notice enlightened people if you look deeper.

It’s in the way they move more than anything. Because they have heightened levels of consciousness, enlightened people tend to move very deliberately and in graceful ways. You certainly won’t find them bumbling or twitching nervously. They always look relaxed and at peace.

That said, many enlightened people have attractive energy because they regularly practice meditation, which makes you attractive.

2: They Have A Peaceful Energy

Probably the universal trait enlightened people share is that they are peaceful inside and out. You won’t find them stressing or being angry. Even in the midst of chaos they hold within themselves the most impenetrable peacefulness. And this exhibits itself in their manner of speaking, too.

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3: They Speak Gently But With Purpose

A sign of an enlightened person is that they always speak gently, compassionately, but with true purpose. They won’t get in arguments, but they are also strong enough to stand up for themselves. They use non-violent communication [1] as their mother tongue, and they are always compassionate in the way they speak to others.

4: Compassion Is Their Motive For Everything

All enlightened people share the trait of compassion. For the enlightened Buddhist, this is because they practice specific meditations designed to create compassion, such as Loving Kindness Meditation.

Enlightened people are more motivated by compassion than anything else. You can see that in the way they look after animals or love their friends and family. They are the first people to be there when someone is suffering. And they are loved for this.

5: Their Compassion Extends To Themselves Too

As compassionate as enlightened people are to others, they are equally compassionate to themselves. They know that they themselves are a unique individual who is as worthy as love as anyone in the world. And they act towards themselves in ways that are loving, caring and nurturing.

6: Their Sense Of Purpose Is Unquenchable

A clear sign of enlightened people is that they have a genuine purpose in this world, and it is always for the betterment of the universe. They’re the ones heading out to Africa to help starving children. They’re the ones causing change and driving the evolution of consciousness. You can tell when you’re around an enlightened person because a sense of purpose drives everything they do.

7: They’re The First People To Accept You

No matter what it is you are afraid, ashamed of or embarrassed by, you will never be afraid to tell an enlightened person, because they will never judge you. They’re the ones you can share your darkest times and they will be a beacon of hope amid chaos. They are there for you without question, without a thought of reward.

8: They’re Impervious To Temptation

Temptations do not sway the enlightened person. Where many people cave in under the pressure of temptation, enlightened people have an impenetrable integrity that always holds true. They will always stand by their principles no matter what. And they will never cave in to temptation.

9: They Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

One sign of an enlightened person is that they see you for the true you. Because they have pure minds that are unswayed by personal bias, they can perceive things clearly. They can see you for who you truly are inside. When you’re around an enlightened person, you might get the impression that they know you better than you know yourself.

Many enlightened people are also very empathetic. Although it should be noted that there are pros and cons of being an empath.

10: They have a contagious stillness about them

Possibly the number one sign of an enlightened person is the stillness about them. While everyone else is dashing about, stressing, and being all too busy, enlightened people always maintain an inner stillness. You can feel how still and calm they are inside. They are never stressed, never anxious, never depressed, just still and calm.

Do you know anyone who shows these signs of an enlightened person? Maybe you have an enlightened person in your family or friends. Leave a comment and remember to subscribe.

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