When Meditation Doesn’t Work For you, Remember These 10 Things

why isnt meditation working for me?

“Why doesn’t meditation work for me?” Maybe because you’ve got MegaDeth playing in the background.

Or you’re just meditating the wrong way.

Lots of people believe meditation isn’t for them. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of studies on the benefits of meditation, they just don’t like it. And despite the fact that there are over 700 different meditation techniques, they believe that no technique will work for them. They believe they are in a rare group of people for whom meditation is genuinely impossible.

Are you in the 1%? The 1% of people who meditation doesn’t work for?

No. You’re not.

Let’s quell the myth right now.

It isn’t that meditation doesn’t work for you. To put it simply, you’re just not meditating properly.  Maybe because you learnt meditation from Star Wars (phenomenal movie, not the best way to learn meditation). Or because you read a bad article on meditation (there are a lot). Or because you expect to run home from work, sit on the floor and have Nirvana come up and leap on you.

You can learn how to meditate properly with our article “The Basics Of Meditation: What To Know Before Starting”.  

Today, let’s look at all the silly things that stop us from meditating successfully.

Why Doesn’t Meditation Work For Some People?!

Because They Expect To Become Neo

Yes. The Matrix is really cool. And everyone in the world wanted to be either Neo or Trinity.

You are not The One. Maybe one day you will be. Maybe. If you ever actually start meditating properly.

For now, you are not Neo.

If you go into meditation expecting to achieve all sorts of magical power, or to gain a super-strong mind in the first ten minutes, you are going to fail.

So many people say to me, “I tried meditating for twenty minutes but the next day I was still stressed”.

You mean you tried meditating once and expected to have the mind of a monk overnight?

You wouldn’t expect to lose 50lbs the first day of your diet. Don’t expect to achieve a Zen mind after 20 minutes of meditation.



Because Nirvana To Them Is An Awesome 90s Alt Rock Band

Nirvana. The term referring to perfect happiness, not to the 1990s alt rock band.

Speaking of alt rock. Lots of people meditate when there is simply way too much noise going on in the background. Yes, I love listening to Nevermind too, but not wile meditating. And I love putting my pajamas on and watching Netflix. But again, not while meditating.

Half the battle with meditation is doing it in the right spot. Meditate somewhere tranquil, not while you’re in the mosh-pit.


Because To Them, Meditation Is More About Yoda Than Chopra   

Not to point fingers, but there are a lot of blogs that talk about meditation as though it were some sort of magical ability you learn from Yoda. Those guys go on about how meditation can attune your mind to the collective unconscious. Or that advanced meditators are known to spontaneously levitate.

Nu huh.

Meditation is more about Chopra (and other natural health scientists) than Yoda (no offense, Yoda, we still love you).

Meditation is a simple, practical health technique that you can use to relax your mind and to improve mental and physical health. If you start meditation expecting to levitate you’re setting yourself up for failure, man!


Because They Actually Use Meditation As An Excuse For A Nap


You know who you are (I’m thinking of someone very specific right now, but there are millions of people who use meditation as an excuse for a nap).“Are you sleeping at 6pm”?

“No. Meditating.”

“Oh, I didn’t know there was a snoring-meditation”.

If you keep falling asleep when you meditate, you’re meditating incorrectly… obviously. Sit up. Stay alert. Meditation is done with a restful but alert mind.


Because… Oh My God, A Cat In A Hat!

You can’t meditate if you’re opening your eyes every two seconds to check Facebook or Twitter.

Yes, I love cats in hats too. They are adorable. But meditating with your computer open in front of you and Facebook up is not going to fast-track you to nirvana.

If you get distracted when you meditate, it probably isn’t because you have no focus. It’s probably because they’re meditating in a space that is full of distractions. They’ve got Netflix on. Their phone keeps vibrating in their pocket. And the baby is screaming in the corner. #meditating.

If those people just cut the distractions they would meditate much more successfully.


Because They Need To Poop  

You know what really stops you from entering a deep state of meditation? Needing a poop, that’s what.

Some things are bound to interfere with meditation. Leaving the oven on. Meditating while expecting a phone call. Meditating during commercial breaks while binge watching TV.

Meditation deserves commitment. Simply setting aside a specific time to meditate, and then removing any possible distractions, helps no end.



Because They’re Meditating While Drunk (Or Stoned)

Did you know that lots of people associate meditation with being high? Probably because both alter your state of consciousness.

And lot’s of people try to meditate when they’re drunk (why…?!) or while they are high on weed.

Most of these people do it because they are interested to find out what will happen if they meditate (to alter their consciousness) while already in an altered state of consciousness. Big mistake. Totally unsafe. Read this guide to the health risks of meditation for more.




Stop shooting yourself in the chakra

Meditation is easy if you do it right. And the best way to meditate properly is to stop making obviously silly mistakes. Are you guilty of any of the mistakes above? If so, I would love to hear about it.

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