Dreaming of Someone Dying? You’ll Be Surprised What It Means

dreaming of someone dying

Been dreaming of someone dying? Wonder what it means?

  • If they are alive, does it mean they will die?
  • Could they be coming back to life?
  • Does it mean that someone is pregnant (which is one of the common answers)?

How do you interpret a dream about someone dying?

Good news is this:

If you’ve been dreaming of someone dying, breathe. Be assured, your dream probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Dreams aren’t text messages. And you can’t read them like a book either. You cannot just read your dream about someone dying to mean that someone is going to die.

Dreams are much more poetic than that.

Let’s look at the wonderful, beautiful, and often complex science of dreams.


Dreams are your subconscious sending you messages while you sleep

There is a language of dreams. And it is possibly the most important language in the world.

Dreams are the language through which your subconscious mind communicates with you.

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your mind (click). It’s like a powerful sage inside your own mind.

Naturally, when your subconscious mind communicates with you, you will want to know what it’s saying.

No, that doesn’t mean that when you’re dreaming of someone dying your subconscious is trying to suggest they should die…


Thankfully, you can’t interpret dreams so directly. I mean, can you imagine how messed up you would be if those dreams of yours all meant what they show?

Dreams cannot be interpreted so directly.

So how do  you interpret dreams?

You’ve got to understand the language of dreams if you want to understand that dream about someone dying.

The language of dreams is a language of visual, auditory, and sensory information that is (often but not always) told through an emotional storyline.


My dreams are crazy

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams because, honestly, my dreams are crazy.

I’ve always had an overactive imagination.

It literally feels like someone injected steroids directly into my imagination at birth.

As an author, I am always happy and thankful for my imagination. It is a very valuable tool.

I’ve actually written a guide to training your imagination. Have a read.

Why do I mention this?

Because your dreams are your imagination coming to life.

When it comes to bedtime, my imagination goes AWOL and my dreams are crazy over the top. And I often dream of people dying.

Good news is none of those people actually died. Well duh.

So what did those dreams of dead friends and relatives mean?

We’ll uncover the answer in just a moment.

First let’s look at the nature of dreams.


There are five stages of dreams

The first dream stage is light sleep.

The second stage is deeper.

Stages three and four are the deepest. At this time, our brain is only using delta brain waves, which are the slowest.

The fifth stage is REM sleep. Many physiological changes occur at this stage. We experience increased heartrate, heightened blood pressure, our bodies are paralysed, and we have increased amounts of alpha brain waves. Of course, this is also where you start dreaming of someone dying.

Dreams can occur at any stage of sleep. But they are most common at the REM stage.

When we wake up, we forget half of what we dreamed about and this very quickly increases until we can hardly remember any of our dream.

So here’s the deal:

We forget most of our dreams. And when we remember them, we distort them.

So it’s obviously a challenge to correctly interpret dreams.

But it is possible, as we’re about to see.


 Why Do We Dream What We Dream?

In 1900, Sigmund Freud coined the term Wunscherfüllung, meaning “wish fulfillment”.

Freud argued that the motivation for dreams is to fulfill our wishes.

The cause of dreams are found in the events of the day before the dream. This he called “day residue”.

So the dreams we have are a response to the day before, and are intended as wish fulfilment, so goes Freud’s theory.

Actually consciously interpreting a dream is always very challenging. Because we only ever remember a small percentage of the dream, and what we remember is often distorted and inaccurate.

So what does this mean for our dream about someone dying?

Let’s take a look. But first we need to consider dream interpretation.


How does Dream Interpretation Work?

Freud argued that there are four stages used to interpret dreams:

Condensation:  This is the idea that one single element of a dream can represent several things. For instance, in the dream about someone dying, the person dying may actually represent a group of people.

Displacement: This is the idea that the emotionally important event in the dream may happen to a substitute instead of the real, intended person / object. In our dream about someone dying, the person who dies could be a stand-in for someone else entirely.

Visualization: This is simply the idea that thoughts in dreams are communicated visually.

Symbolism:  Just as in poetry, dreams use symbolism to replace people, objects, actions and ideas.

When we apply these concepts to the dream about someone dying, we can start to see what’s going on.

So what does a dream about someone dying mean?

When you’re dreaming of someone dying, it could mean a variety of things. All of which are to do with endings and beginnings.

  1. A relationship is over

The most obvious interpretation of a dream in which someone dies. The relationship is over.

Heck. This doesn’t even require explanation. It’s like poetry 101 to symbolise the end of a relationship with a funeral.

  1. A pattern / bad habit is over

The person who dies in your dream might not actually represent a person at all?


Truth is, the death of a person could represent the end of a pattern or a habit. And that could be a very good thing, depending on the habit.

So take heart and feel reassured. Death might not literally mean death in the way we think of it.

  1. You’re about to start a new chapter

Is it time to start a new chapter in your life?

If so, your dreams might be trying to tell you. And one way they would tell you is with the death dream.

So smile. Because in this instance death actually means rebirth.

  1. You need to move home or are about to

Homes represent our connection to a lot of different people.

Moving home can feel like the death of a lot of relationships in our lives.

In order to emotionally prepare us to move home, our dreams may show many people dying. This is an emotional prelude to a huge change in our real-life relationships.

  1. If lots of people die in your dream, you might need a new social circle

If lots of people die in your dreams (or even just a few people) it could be a sign that your social circle isn’t doing you any favors.

Is it time to find new friends? Or perhaps you need to drop your old work colleagues in favor of new ones. Heck, if you’re self employed this could be a sign to start networking with a different group.  

So that is what the dream of someone dying means.

Now that you know what the dream of someone dying means, you cant rest easy.


Why not make use of your dreams?

Our dreams offer a unique and powerful way to train the mind and to develop.

Our dreams are a way for the deeper parts of our minds to guide our consciousness.

We can all make use of that guidance. The key is using Dreamworking.

Dreamworking is a practical way to connect to your dreams, to understand them, and to make use of the messages they send you.

Christopher Sowton RP ND has written an excellent guide to Dreamworking in his book Dreamworking: How to Listen to the Inner Guidance of Your Dreams (click).

In the book, Sowton shares five steps to making use of your dreams.

I was gawping at the pages of this book. I found it fascinating. Totally unlike anything else I’ve read. It’s a truly original take on dreamwork. Definitely worthy of a read.  Plus, the guidance is easy to follow even for those who have never tried dreamworking.


 Dreams. They’re an amazing, deep, and often misunderstood aspect of the human mind

As we’ve seen, dreams work like poetry. They use allusions, symbolism, emotion, and even story to communicate with you.

That’s the brilliant thing about dreams: they can mean so many different things.

What do you think your dream means? I would love to hear from you.

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