The Earth’s Magnetic Field Alters Your Consciousness And Your Life

earths magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic field is eternally in a state of perturbation on an interdimensional level.  This results in incremental rises in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Imagine a wave that rises and falls rapidly, with oscillations minute but distinct, such is the nature of the Earth’s magnetic field. The nature of the magnetic field has a direct and rather bizarre effect on human consciousness, effecting the reality of our biological experience. The movement of energy through space leads to feelings of exhaustion in many people.

But this perturbation is an altogether different affair—the result of the magnetic field, which reacts to energies in space.

The magnetic core of the Earth is in a direct relationship (indeed a metaphorical conversation, as it were) with the cosmos. Your science does not consider this to be so, but the awakened perspective is that the magnetic field of the Earth is in direct conversation with the deep energies in the cosmos.

The relationship between the cosmos and the Earth’s magnetic field has a direct impact on human consciousness. It can be witnessed in changes in short term memory. Memory functions by way of magnetics (specifically, the magnetic nature of our nervous system). The functions of the brain are operated via gravitational fields. Those gravitational fields are in turn affected by your Earth’s magnetic conscious, which in due course is affected by the deep energies of the cosmos.

Let us put it simply: Your consciousness is in direct relationship to the cosmos.

Fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field lead to fluctuations in human consciousness, the temporary loss of memory or of focus, and the temporary onset of mental entropy. Science would ascribe this to brain disorders, but the cosmic reality is that such mental defects are the result of the unseen but ever present perturbations of the magnetic field.

Escalations in short term memory loss will lead humanity to a most bizarre state, a state which could either be considered a calamity or an opportunity.

Momentary memory loss provides an opportunity to perceive the reality of our own existence. When we lose memory, our brain is unable to maintain its tight grasp on its self created delusions. At such times we are able to perceive true reality. That is why, when you feel shocked or awed, you will momentarily lose yourself—you will lose the delusion of your self and perceive true reality.

But much more vital to the flourishing of mankind is the fact that those perturbations of the magnetic field are outside the control of those who would manipulate you. Those who are in power and who would use all resources to manipulate your consciousness, they cannot control the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field is outside of their dominion, and as the Earth’s magnetic field affects human consciousness, it enables you to escape the trappings of those who would seek to control you.

The cosmos and the magnetic field are saviours.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field

Now, let us recommend to you some ways to further your connection to the cosmos and to thereby escape the controlling hand of those in power.

The remedy is quite simple in theory, though harder in practice. The remedy is to silence the mind. Allow your mind to be still. Listen to the inner workings of things. Meditate, as it were, on the energies that surround you. These energies are intimately connected to the cosmos. Make your mind one with these energies and you will break through the confines of the delusion and glimpse the true reality of the universe.

Thank you for reading.

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