Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, is inviting people to a “Meditation For Autralia”. The idea is to send loving vibes to Australian during the horror of the wildfires.

If you have seen the pictures and videos of the horrors around Austalia, you may have wondered what you can personally do help with the situation. Ziva Meditation founder Emily Flether has an idea: use meditation to send love to Australia and to show your support.

The Australian Wildfires have left the landscape burnt with homes destroyed and, tragically, over has killed over a billion animals. Many people feel helpless against this situation and do not know what they can do to help.

Emily Fletch, who runs meditation training website Ziva Meditation, says that even though we may feel powerless in this situation, there is something we can all do to show our love and support. And that thing is meditation.

Emily Fletcher’s Meditation For Australia is all about sending our loving and healing energy to Australia to help show solidarity in this trying time. She did a guided meditation on Facebook that focused on sending love, rain and resources to help heal the damage left by the Australian Wildfires.

Please join Emily Fletcher from Ziva Meditation in a global meditation for Australia. We will come together to create personal healing and offer support to those who are suffering. When many of us join forces we can activate great change both energetically and monetarily. Make a difference by donating to Earth Alliance's Australia Wildlife Fund at aussieark.org.

Posted by Mindvalley on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How Emily Fletcher’s Meditation For Australia Works

The idea behind Meditation For Australia is to send loving and healing energy.

Fletcher starts with some simple breathwork to help calm the mind. She then goes into a global manifestation that is centred on the ideas of sending our healing energy to Australia, to the homeless and to the animals who lost their lives in the tragedy. Next we meditate on gratitude to express our thanks for those who have helped out, including the many volunteer firefighters. Finally we meditate on ending rain and resources to help Australia heal.

This meditation takes us from a place of powerlessness to empowerment. It connects us in this trying time and unites us under one vision: to heal Australia.

More Ways To Use Meditation For Australia

1: Use Metta (Loving Kindness) to send love and compassion

2: Use Buddhist Karuna (Compassion) to send compassion

3: Consider giving to the Australian Wildlife Fund

When humanity comes together we have the power to heal the world. And the best way to come together is with an act of meditation.

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Written by Paul Harrison

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