My Emotions Are Out Of Control What Do I Do?

emotions out of control


One of our readers wrote in saying “My emotions are out of control.” We wrote this article to help them out.


“My emotions are out of control!”

Does that sound familiar? So many people these days are suffering from emotional trauma. The number of people with depression is through the roof. To be specific about it, according to the World Health Organisation, 350 million people are suffering from depression. Isn’t that crazy? Doesn’t that make you wonder just where the hell the world went so wrong that so many people are suffering from clinical depression?

But then, is it really surprising?

I mean, let’s face it, life these days isn’t conducive to inner peace. It’s a problem with society. It’s the way we live these days.

We compare ourselves to others (one of the worst thing for self esteem).  We’re made to feel inferior thanks to all that media bullshit. We’re made to work for about half our lives in stressful jobs. . . we don’t ever get a break!

What it all come down to is the fact that your mind needs a break. And I don’t just mean a break from work. I mean a break from all the NOISE.

Just think about the amount of noise you subject your mind to every day.

You probably don’t like your job, so that’s immediately noise and stress. You get home and have either homework or chores to do. Then you watch TV (even despite the amazing benefits of giving up TV).

TV is not a break for your mind. Constantly being bombarded with advertisements, bright lights, news stories from around the world and so on. . . that’s not a break.

You need to STOP.

Seriously, right now. Just stop for one second. Don’t even look at this screen, just pause. Close your eyes. Now focus on the sound of silence.

This is a break.

Or, to be more specific, it is a meditation. And meditation is the best way to overcome your emotions. That’s why the next time you say “My emotions are out of control” you need to meditate.

Your emotions are out of control because you are not allowing yourself to chill the F**K out.

Here, here’s some relaxing meditation music. Put it on and just listen for five minutes. . .  Oh, and while you’re listening to that look over these relaxing image. . . just spend a few minutes looking at them and relaxing.


And use this video to just chill out for a sec.

[wpb-yt video=”qycqF1CWcXg”]

See, that’s what you really need. You need to just chill the f*** out, ya know?

The next time you say “My emotions are out of control” take ten minutes to chill out

So, I hope you’re more relaxed now. There’s one more thing I want to tell you in this lil’ emotional rehabilitation that we’re doing.

I want to remind you that your emotions are just feelings.

Most people make their emotions a LOT worse because they think there’s a reason for them.

People who are suffering from depression, for instance, come up with tons of reasons for why they are depressed. They actually sit there and try to find all the bad things in their life so they know why they’re depressed. That’s only going to make you more depressed! Just remember, a feeling is just a feeling. Just tell yourself, “This is only a feeling. It will soon pass.” Stop making your emotions a big deal and they’ll stop being a big deal. Simple.

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