Eva Longoria: Yoga Photo Of The Day [Headstand]

Saturday—Eva Longoria uploaded a photo of herself doing the yoga pose Headstand (Sirsanana) to Instagram.

Today we have Eva Longoria for yoga photo of the day. Eva recently uploaded a photo of herself doing the yoga pose Headstand (Sirsanana), a modern yoga asana, and some of its variants.

“The world may be upside down, but so am I,” said Longoria, referring the fact that since the global pandemic many people feel like life has been turned upside down, so the view from Headstand matches the global atmosphere.

eva longoria headstand sirsanana
eva longoria headstand sirsanana

Like many people during quarantine Eva Longoria has been using the time to focus on fitness, and has been practicing her yoga routine regularly. At the age of 45, American actress, producer, director, activist, and businesswoman shows no struggle as she perfectly performance Sirsanana.

The photo of Eva Longoria, uploaded to Instagram on Saturday, has already received 1,420,572 views from her more than 7.8 million Instagram fans. She wore a maroon sports bra with matching leggings.

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Eva Longoria Does Headstand (Sirsanana)

At 46, the Desperate Housewives actress has no problems performing the yoga pose Headstand (Sirsanana).

In one smooth move, Longoria raises her legs and extends them up in the air, over her head. She says in headstand posture for a few moments, then brings her feet together and extends her knees out in a diamond shape.

Benefits of Headstand / Sirsanana

The benefits of Headstand (Sirsanana) include the following: Relieves Stress. …

  • Improves Blood Flow To The Eyes
  • Increases Focus
  • Decreases Fluid Build-Up In The Legs, Ankles, And Feet.
  • Strengthens Arms.
  • Flushs out adrenal glands
  • Improves Digestion.
  • Increases Blood Flow To The Head

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maroon sports bra and leggings eva longoria style
maroon sports bra and leggings eva longoria style

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