When You Hear This Homeless People Story, Your Heart Will Melt

homeless man at starbucks

This is one of the best homeless people stories you will ever read. If this doesn;t bring a tear to your eye you’re made of stone.


When a lonely homeless man walked into a Starbucks he was completely ignored. Here was a man who is no different to you or me, only a man who has been unfortunate in life. But he was shunned simply because he was homeless.

Some people think of homeless people are burdens. But they’re wonderful, unique individuals just like you and me.

Sadly, the average person ignores homeless people. They see them as a problem. They don’t see the often wonderful, kind-hearted people who have become homeless by nothing more than misfortune. Nor do they see the fact that many of those homeless people are genuinely strong and brave people who pull themselves up every day and keep going despite the odds.

A guy recently posted on Facebook about his involvement with a destitute guy at a Starbucks. the post is going viral right now.

Eric Jason Pena was doing work at a nearby Starbucks when he saw a vagrant enter with his puppy. While different clients judged the man and turned away, Pena was interested and needed to take in more about the outsider.

“While sittingat a Starbucks, a homeless man came in and sat next to me,” Pena wrote in his post. “His smell was unpleasant and most people in the place took a gander at him and looked disgusted. He was just doing what we were all doing, drinking espresso and using the free WIFI. He brought his puppy, who was all he had with him. He spoke to me and told me that he’d walked 60 miles from Seattle to Tumwater a couple of days ago. He talked very fondly of his dog, who in step, traveled alongside him.”

Eric did what no one else did. He spoke to the guy. And he spoke to him as just another guy, no different to you or me. And that, perhaps, is what homeless people want more than anything: they want the respect that they deserve. They just want to be treated like regular people.

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