10 Examples Of Mantras For Meditation To Get You Started

examples of mantras for meditation

Our readers wrote in to ask for a some examples of mantras for meditation that absolutely anyone can use. This guide tells you what you need to know.


In our huge introduction to mantras we shared lots of examples of mantras for meditation. We looked at how mantras work and what they can be used for. And we showed you some of the very best mantras in the world.

But several readers wrote in to ask for a more basic guide that’s perfect for absolute beginners. So I thought I’d share some examples of mantras for meditation that absolutely anyone can use.


Let’s get right into it.


Examples of Mantras For Meditation That Anyone Can Use

In order to help you find the perfect mantras for your individual needs, I’ve broken this list up into different categories of mantras.

Let’s take a look.


English, non-spiritual mantras:

One of the most popular types of mantras are English mantras that are non-religious and non-spiritual. These are basic mantras that are very easy to use. For instance, if you believe in loving kindness, as I do, you might like to meditate while reciting the mantra, “I extend love to all people”. This is a non-spiritual mantra that will influence your mind to make you even more compassionate than you already are.

Or perhaps you really want to be fearless. In that case, you might like to meditate on the mantra, “I am fearless as a warrior”.

I’ sure you can see the process here. Essentially, you are using a phrase that evokes the way you want to feel, and then you are meditating on that phrase. With this, you can quite quickly write your own mantras to meditate on.

Non-spiritual mantra examples for meditation:

  • “I am as fearless as a warrior”
  • “I welcome prosperity into my life”
  • “I extend love to all people and animals”


Buddhist Mantras for Meditation

Buddhist mantras are generally about following dharma, which is the Buddhist code. For instance, the very famous mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, literally means to follow the path of dharma.

Buddhist mantras are also used to promote positive feelings like love and kindness, and to help you to reach enlightenment, which is the highest point of the Buddhist path.

Buddhist Mantras: examples for meditation:

  • Om (the universal sound)
  • Om Mani Padme Hum (teaches you to follow dhara)
  • Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ (used for protection)



Hindu Mantras For Meditation

The vast majority of mantras come from Hinduism. There are literally thousands of Hindu mantras, and they cover every spiritual and health need. Each Hindu god has their own mantra, and by reciting those mantras Hindus believe they will receive the blessing of that god.

Hindu examples of mantras for meditation:

Because there are literally thousands of Hindu mantras, I won’t use examples here. If you’d like to learn, use the link at the top of this page, which will direct you to a huge free guide to mantras, including a whole library of Hindu mantras.


Kundalini Yoga Mantras

One of my personal favorite spiritualities is Kundalini Yoga.

As you know if you read the blog, I believe in loving and respecting all religions and spiritualities. And there is something special about Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini Yoga uses a lot of art forms. So it is no surprise that mantras in Kundalini Yoga are generally sung. They have specific melodies to follow, and the rhythm and pitch of the syllables in these mantras are very important.


Examples of mantras for meditation from Kundalini Yoga

The most famous Kundalini Yoga mantra is, Sa Ta Na Ma. This is a mantra that is used for healing. And it is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Kundalini Yoga mantras (as with the spirituality in general) is used to activate Kundalini energy in your body. Kundalini yoga mantras make you feel wonderfully positive and energised. Click that link above and try the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra. Trust me, you’ll love it. It is very relaxing, very enjoyable, and absolutely perfect for beginners.


As you can see, there are many different mantras for meditation. The examples on this page should help you to get started.

My personal approach to mantras is to try which ones work for you. I am passionate about living a holistic spiritual life in which I learn from all spiritualities without denouncing any. Personally, I believe that it is best to have love and respect for all beliefs and all spiritualities. If you share that philosophy, join me on Facebook and Twitter and share this page with family and friends.

Thanks for reading.


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