“Why Am I Feeling Depressed For No Reason?” You Asked. I’ll Answer

why am i feeling depressed for no reason

A reader wrote in to ask “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason?” And at first I honestly thought, “How am I supposed to know”. But then it hit me.

If you are feeling depress and you think that there is no real reason why you should be depressed, then oh boy do I have something to say to you.

The good news is that you can stop worrying. It is completely normal to feel depressed from time to time. And I have a cure that I am confident will make you stop feeling depressed in no time.



“Why Am I Feeling Depressed For No Reason?” The Answer Is In Those Words

You know what? Normally as a blogger you don’t often talk about the behind-the-scenes parts of blogging (well, unless you are writing about blogging). But this is one of those times when I will have to break the rule.

So, basically, I know that because you’re reading this page you probably went to Google (or another search engine) and typed in the line “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason?” or something very similar.

Because you asked the question “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason” I know the answer.

You see, the answer to your question is in the precise question that you asked.

That sounds mental. I know. Sounds a little weird. But trust me. In 5 minutes you are going to know precisely what I mean and you are going t have the answer to your question.

So here goes.


Let’s break down your question. “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason”.

Every single part of this line tells me why you’re feeling depressed. And it tells me precisely where you are at in your mind right now.

The first part of your question is WHY AM I.

So clearly, you are thinking about yourself right now, right? Because your question is all about you. And thinking about yourself too much is actually a leading cause of depression.

Now, I am not going to say that your self obsessed. However, when you think about yourself too much you are more prone to be depressed. Why? Because when you think about yourself you close yourself off to the world. You’re not living in the moment (which is the key to happiness). You’re sitting there thinking about yourself.

So the first part of the answer to your question. You’re feeling depressed right now because you’re thinking about yourself. And you’re not living in the moment (because you’re stuck in your thoughts).

So the first thing you should do is to stop thinking too much.

But that’s just the beginning




Next part of your question is FEELING DEPRESSED

Let me ask you a question. And when I ask this question you will at first be like “What the hell are you talking about”. And then you’ll be like “Oh, good point.”

My question is this.

How do you know you are feeling depressed?

Okay… so go ahead with the “What the hell are you on about” part…

Now let me ask. “”Very, very specifically, how do you know you are feeling depressed”?

What are you feeling? Are you feeling a sort of sinking feeling in your gut? That might be depressing. Are you feeling tired? If so, what does tired feel like?

By the way there is a very big point to all this.

Actually find the sensation. You are feeling depressed. What, very, very specifically, is the feeling of being depressed? Where is the feeling? Find it. Tell me what it feels like. Tell me where you are feeling it.

By the way if you are struggling to answer this question you will find it very helpful to do a body scan meditation. So if you like, read that link and then come back here.

So find the feeling. And now realise that it is only what you said it is. It is only a feeling. And there are a million and one feelings inside of you. So if you don’t like that one particular feeling, focus on another feeling.




The last part of your question is FOR NO REASON

Ah. So here we come to it now. “For no reason”. So you are telling me that there is absolutely no reason why you are feeling depressed?

That’s very, very interesting.

Because there is always something to be depressed about. Hell, there’s always something to be happy, sad, angry, excited… you could justify any emotion at any moment.

But you are telling me that there is not one single solitary thing on this Earth that would give you a reason to feel depressed?


Your life must be amazing. Because there is absolutely nothing to be depressed about.

And yet. Yet you are still asking, “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason”?


Here’s the deal.

You are feeling depressed because you are looking for a logical, rational reason to feel depressed.

I mean you are, aren’t you?

You searched “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason?” You didn’t understand the combination of the feeling of being depressed without the reason for being depressed. And you actually asked that question.

So even though your life is good right now (which I know because of the “For no reason” part of your question”) you are still looking for a reason that might justify why you are feeling depressed!

That’s crazy!

You are feeling depressed because you are looking for a rational reason to feel depressed. You are saying to yourself “There must be some reason to feel depressed. What is it?” Your body is responding. It’s saying “Oh right, depressed.” And then it is creating the feeling of being depressed, because you are focusing on being depressed. But you just can’t find a single solitary reason why you might actually be depressed.

EXCEPT for the fact that you are trying to find a reason why you’re depressed.



Jimminy Crickets. There is no reason to be depressed. So stop looking for one.

Every time you ask “Why am I feeling depressed” just stop. Stop for the love of Jeremy. Just stop. Slap yourself in the face with a custard pie if you need to. But just stop.

Never ask “Why am I feeling depressed for no reason”. Instead ask, “What reasons do I have to be happy”.

Your physiological being will then say, “Oh, happiness, that feels like this…” and it will create happiness.

Now go and be merry you crazy son of a gun.

Oh. But before you go. Leave a comment.




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