Full Moon Meditation For Crown Energy To Help You Cope With Covid

In this guest post, Hedley Derenzie proposes a Full Moon Meditation for the healing of crown energy.

In nature, there are no accidents. And within every problem, Nature always provides the solution.

Ancient and traditional cultures have known this for millennia that nature holds the solutions. These cultures also know Mother Nature communicates Her messages through signs, symbols and magical synchronicities.

Within the coronavirus, Nature has offered both the problem (the virus) and the antidote (the corona).

Why Now Is The Time To Do A Full Moon Meditation For Crown Energy

The word ‘corona’ comes from the Latin word ‘corōna’ meaning ‘crown’. This is not a coincidence. All physical disease first manifests on the energetic or spiritual level. The coronavirus is the physical manifestation of the Crown Virus, a virus of Crown energy.

In the human body, the 7th energy centre is the Crown chakra [READ: Chakra Meditation Script]. It is the connection point between the physical and the non-physical; the bridge between heaven and earth. It is the giver and receiver of divine consciousness; the meeting point between the finite and the infinite.

When the Crown energy centre is in balance, we feel connected, more whole, more able to access our Higher wisdom. We will reach out and help others, knowing that what we give to others we give to ourselves.

When the Crown energy centre is blocked or out of balance, this is generally due to stressful living environments and a fast-paced, material-driven lifestyle. We are focused on our own needs, believing that we are separate to the greater whole. We have fallen into the illusion of separation.

The coronavirus is the global physical manifestation of blocked Crown energy, and the ‘Crown virus’, is a call to heal this energy centre and for the global community to reconnect with its spiritual side.

Mother Nature also has seven energy centres. These vibrational points on the planet are powerful centres of energy and information, connected by Ley lines which carry this information and wisdom from these energy centres around the world to all its inhabitants.

The 7th energy centre of Mother Earth, the earth’s Crown chakra, is located at Mount Kailash, in the Himalayas, in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Standing at over 22,000 feet above sea level, this mountain is considered holy by four religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bön – as well as billions of people.

It’s also located approximately 3000km from Wuhan, which as we know is where the coronavirus began. This is no coincidence. This is Nature at Her synchronistic best.

Mount Kailash is considered the centre of the Universe and the gateway between heaven and earth. It’s also one of the most mysterious places on earth in the sense no human has ever succeeded in climbing it. Those who try to climb it report how time speeds up and the mountain shifts and changes form, making the feat impossible.

Mount Kailash is known to be at its most powerful and potent when the full moon is in Scorpio, which typically happens once a year during April or May. For Mother Earth, this full moon marks the beginning of a new evolution and cycle of energy, as Scorpio is connected to the idea of death and rebirth. (As a side-note, when a baby is being born and its head begins to enter the birth canal, this is called crowning!) During this time, many locals will harness the energy of Mount Kailash.

The next full moon in Scorpio will be on May 7th 2020. On this date, there will be a powerful transmission of energy through the earth’s Crown chakra. By doing a Full Moon Meditation and tuning into the energy of Mount Kailash on this date and time from anywhere in the world, we will be harnessing the power of this potent energy centre and contributing to the raising of the global frequency.

The purpose of the Crown Transmission through the earth’s portal of Mount Kailash on May 7th will be to propel the healing of the planet and further raise the frequency of human consciousness, bringing us into alignment with the Quantum Age of 5D (5th dimension) reality which we have already transitioned into.

As our consciousness comes more into alignment with the Quantum Age of 5D reality, we will start to see a planet that moves from selfishness and greed to one of generosity, compassion and love. There will also be an upgrade of our technology and computing systems.

So, as the world continues to break down so it can heal and transition into the new age, let us honour the lives of those we have lost to this Crown Virus, as well as the courageous doctors, nurses and health workers who are battling the frontlines of this pandemic. May we show up as vessels of possibility for a greater, more generous, more conscious, more loving and compassionate world.

Mount Kailash is standing by in all its Crown-centred glory as the transmitter of light, information and wisdom that will help to herald in this new level of consciousness. And all we need to do is stay home, perform the Full Moon Meditation, and receive.

Thank you.

Hedley Derenzie.


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