How much meditation furniture and yoga furniture do you have in your yoga studio or meditation room?

Do you have:

If you only have a couple of pieces of meditation furniture and yoga furniture—or worse, none at all—you’re totally missing out.

Meditation furniture looks beautiful, helps you meditate properly, and is full of positive energy, all of which is essential when you design your meditation room or yoga room.

To get the most out of your yoga and meditation, furniture is essential. I mean, who doesn’t love to meditate while sitting on a Zen cushion next to a shrine in front of a Buddha statue in their own yoga studio?

But what is the best yoga and meditation furniture to buy?

There are five items of meditation and yoga furniture that no yoga studio or Zen room should be without. Let’s take a look.

The 5 Best Pieces of Meditation Furniture For Yoga Studios And Zen Rooms

1.   chair

meditation chair

If you’re going to be rocking your asanas at home one good item to have is a good yoga chair.

Then again, sometimes you’ll be doing actual workouts in your yoga studio, but at other times you will probably want to just sit down and appreciate the beauty of your yoga studio. And you may also want to meditate. That’s why one of the first meditation furniture items you should buy is a chair.

Meditation chairs are an ergonomic furniture item, so yogis can sit comfortably with perfect posture when they meditate. And the higher quality ones are simply beautiful furniture that will make your home yoga studio look stunning.

This is one piece of meditation furniture you want to get right because it will affect how you sit and how you meditate.

2.  Shrine / altar?

meditation shrine altar

When it comes to picking meditation furniture you should definitely buy an altar or shrine.

I personally love sitting at my shrine to meditate on deities. And if you’ve got a meditating Buddha statue, or a statue of your deity, you can put it on the altar. 

You’ve got plenty of choices with shrines. DIY versions are possible. Then there are antique shrines. But for most people, a beautiful modern high-quality shrine is a great choice.

Make sure your shrine is wooden or other material with positive energy. And be sure to consider a shrine-cabinet, which can be an ideal place to store other items. 

One of the best choices is DharmaObjects shrine [Get it on AMAZON]

3:   mat

Pardon me for the total non-brainer. But surely your yoga studio will need a mat.  And it’s amazing just how much variety there is in mats. You’ve got your regular Walmart-style two for $20 mat—old faithful, which will get the job done. And then you’ve got some truly beautiful ones.

If you want a mat that’s more beautiful, they range up to $100—though in fairness, some of them have some beautiful artwork that makes the price-tag more digestible.

What matters with your mat is that it a) is comfortable, b) is durable, and c) it has artwork (or colour) that creates positive energy and goes with your yoga studio design.

One manufacturer with some pretty cool mat designs is Soul Obsession. You can see their designs in the image below and check them out on Amazon.

meditation goa mat designs

4.   comfy little Zen tea table with cushions

Sometimes you don’t want to workout or meditate in your studio. Sometimes you really just want to sit down with a friend and share some green tea while discussing the latest article that you read here on THE DAILY MEDITATION.

For that, you’re definitely going to want a cosy little tea table with some cushions, designed in a cool Zen-way.

That’s why the next piece of meditation furniture you need is a tea table and cushions.

Many of these sets come with their own cushions. Or you could take a look at our picks of the best cushions.

japanese tea table set


5.   room divider

Once you’ve got your room set and ready to go, you’re going to want to protect the positive energy in the space while keeping negative energy out. One piece of meditation furniture that will help you do that is a room divider.

Room dividers are all over the place these days. Everybody has one.  Probably because they look just… well… beautiful! I mean just look at this Buddhist room divider, which is available on Amazon.

With a beautiful meditation room divider, you’re getting two things: you’re getting a stunning piece of art, and you’re getting a… er… room divider—but that’s great because it will keep negative energy out and positive energy in.

meditation room divider


We’re totally spoiled for choice when it comes to meditation furniture for yoga studios at home. There’s just so much of it.  And not only does it make your meditation space look cooler than The Fonze, it actually helps you to meditate and do yoga too.

Which of these pieces of meditation furniture do you like the most?

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.