6 Focus And Concentration Mantras Are All You Need For Success

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Here are 6 powerful mantras for focus and concentration in studies and at work. Try these focus and concentration mantras today and see the difference they make.

The key to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building something new. — Socrates Quote.


Are you struggling to focus? Need a little boost of concentration? If so, I highly recommend that you take a look at this powerful meditation technique for focus.

Go on, take a look. This page will stay open, don’t worry.

Okay. That technique will give you the focus of a zen monk. But there’s more techniques where that one came from.

Today I’d like to share with you some powerful mantra for focus and concentration.

I’ve been reading THESE mantra books. And I’ve found some great mantras for focus.

These mantras will let you work and study up to 200% more effectively. They are the most powerful mantras for concentration and focus, and they include the very important Garuda Sadhana mantra and the Saraswati mantra.

You may like to know the background of the mantras. They come from many different cultures and encompass a variety of spiritualities.  Some, such as the Garuda Purana mantra and Saraswati mantra come from Hinduism. Other mantras are in plain English and don’t take a specific spirituality or religion.

Let’s start by looking at a few English mantras.



Mantras for Focus and Concentration in English

These non religious mantras can be used by anyone anytime.

  1. “I am here and now”–This focusses your mind on the present moment creating concentration.
  2. “I am mindful and in the moment” — This creates mindfulness and the state of being present and in the moment.
  3. “I put my thoughts aside for the present moment” — This one is great if you are being distracted by certain thoughts and feelings. 


Hindu Mantras for focus — “Garuda Purana” And “Saraswati” Mantras

Before trying these, I highly recommend that you read my free course on Hindu mantras. It will fill you in on vital info you need to know.

The Garuda Purana mantra for concentration and the saraswati mantra for focus are very powerful. They have been used for millenia as a means of focussing the mind. I’m confident you’ll find them truly beneficial, so please do share them with your friends.

The Garuda Purana mantra comes from the Hindu Smriti texts and is one of the eighteen puranas. The mantra is as follows:

“Om Kship Swaha”

Recite this mantra 108 times now before continuing. You will feel a powerful transformation within.



Another powerful mantra for focus is the Saraswati Mantra

he Saraswati mantra is said in dedication to the Goddess of learning (making it perfect for studies). I recommended reciting this mantra 108 times each day before beginning studies.



The Saraswati mantra is: “Om Sah Maatraa Namah”

FOCUS mantras and quotes


Now for an easier alternative, a video

Close your eyes and listen to the video below. This will help to relax your mind and will develop your levels of concentration. This is especially effective if you are feeling a little sluggish or absent minded at the moment.

Saraswati Mantra to Excel in Studies by Krishna _ Part – I



Read our guide to mantras for concentration and intelligence. 

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