Get Balance Meditation App Free For An Entire Year Today

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Yes, Elevate Labs, we see what you did there with the free balance meditation app trick. Very clever.
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Now you can get the Balance meditation app free an entire year today. But for some obscure reason it is only available on iOS.  

If you’ve been thinking that meditation apps have been going nuts since the COVID-19 pandemic situations. Well, you’re right. Practically every app develop has been giving away some form of its product free to some people. Like Headspace, which is currently free for doctors and nurses, which is awesome, of course, because they are our front line defenders in this battle against the invisible enemy.

One meditation app apparently just wants to be free for everyone. That app is Balance.

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Yes, Balance Meditation App Is Free But There’s A huge Caveat

The Balance meditation app is free right now.

Balance meditation app give you your own personal meditation coach. Every day you answer questions about yourself, your goals, your preference, and your meditation experience. You then choose your favorite music from thousands of pieces. The app then compiles all the information together and gives you your own meditation, set to the music you chose.

The cost for a premium subscription to Balance costs $11.00 per month or $49.99 per year and auto-renews (you know, so you forget about it next year and for many subsequent years and continue to pay… kinda the way all bills are done today, ya know?). You can turn that auto-renew off but the simple fact of the matter is that most people forget to (this is precisely why people continue to pay monthly bills for things even if they never use the product again. It’s all very clever and sketchy).

The app is currently being offered for free. Which sounds great, right? You get a premium meditation app for free and your own personal meditation coach. Neat.

When you install the app you’re asked all sorts of personal questions like whether you struggle to get to sleep or whether you feel stressed. It then launches you into your meditation.

One you go through these first-steps of using Balance you’ll see an option to get a one-year subscription for free. And here is the clever little catch. It automatically turns on auto-billing so that next year you will pay $50 for the year, and then on.

So here is the good and the bad about this. Firstly, yes, it’s free and it is a pretty decent app.

But here is the bad side. The entire reason the developer, Elevate Labs, has done this is because the vast majority of people forget about auto-renew on most of their subscriptions. By giving it to you for free now, they are guessing that you will forget to turn off auto-renew and will therefore pay for the app next year. All very clever, totally legal but ethically questionable stuff.

So if you want to get Balance for free, go ahead and get it on the App store. But for the sake of all that’s holy, remember to turn off the auto-payment option afterwards.

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By Paul Harrison

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  1. How can I opt out of Balance meditation? I am happy to pay for the first free year but want to opt out. Also I forgot which credit card I used so I need to know in case I have cancelled it.

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