Free Review Services For Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Things

Here at THE DAILY MEDITATION we believe in being a community leader. And part of being a community leader is representing everyone in the community.

That’s why we offer free review services for all products that are related to our community.

We will review any product that is intended for:

  • Meditation / Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi / QiGong / similar exercises
  • Natural Health
  • Spirituality / Spiritual development
  • Self improvement
  • Anything you genuinely think fits in with the theme of this website…
  • we will review it for free for you.

There are some digital products we do not offer  professional review services for

Ebooks are a big no-go. This is simply because we spend too long staring at screens running this site! In order to be compassionate to our eyes, we will not review ebooks. Our apologies.

We will consider other digital products on an individual basis.

Our professional review services policy—let’s work together

We strive to review all products that come to our office. However, this is not always possible simply due to time constraints. Therefore, while we will try to review your product we cannot guarantee a review.

We also believe that it is only fair that you share our review after it is written. We ask that you link to the review from your own website (if you have one) and / or share the review on social media.

Our standard turnaround time for a review is 2 weeks after receiving the product. In some instances, this may take a little longer.

Note, we do not return products. Your wonderful product finds a permanent home at our office here at The Daily Meditation.


Professional review services for crowdfunding projects

If you have a project on Indiegogo, KickStarter, GoFundMe etc. we may be able to help in some circumstances.

We recommend that you get in contact via the email below and tell us about your project. We will reply to your email with some suggestions of what (if anything) we can do to help your project.


Want to get a professional product review on The Daily Meditation?

If you would like to have your product reviewed on, email [email protected]

When you send the email, include the following information:

Product name

Product description

Company name

When you will send the product

Links to your website / social media profiles