In an interview with Vogue Australia, Gisele Bundchen said meditation stopped her anxiety and panic attacks, and also helped her quit smoking and start living a healthier life.

39 year-old Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen stated that her life was being destroyed by anxiety and panic attacks so bad that she almost decided to take her own life.  She revealed how in her twenties her lifestyle was incredibly unhealthy, smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, and eating junk food. She told Vogue Australia that she hit “rock bottom… It became so unbearable I couldn’t breathe and I thought: ‘I gotta change.’”

Clearly things did indeed change. Today, Bundchen is a beauty and wellness superstar. She meditates, drinks green juice, does coconut oil pulling and other ayurvedic practices, and is a wellness icon. But it is only because of the meditation practices that she was able to overcome those bad habits [READ: Meditation To Overcome Addictions

Like many who have tried to quit bad habits, Bundchen said it “wasn’t easy.”  When she was quitting addictions, she said, “I had the worst headaches ever because I was withdrawing,” she said. “My system was so used to that life it was in shock because I stopped everything, so it took time.”

Bundchen said that overcoming bad habits was a tough challenge. “We are beings of habit,” she told VOGUE Australia. “I think you can’t just expect to do something you have always done and stop. You have to replace bad habits with good habits.

She started her way back to health by quitting her sugar-laden morning mocha frapphccino and smoking less. And she started running. “I ran then because it allowed me to feel my lungs and every time I ran for 20 minutes I was like: ‘OK, I can feel my lungs, ok, I’m not smoking.’”

Gisele Bundchen’s meditation practice also helped her, especially with anxiety. She practiced a variety of breathing meditations that have been proven to help stop anxiety.

Now, Bundchen’s morning routine includes waking at 5:30, doing breathing meditations and stretching, doing oil pulling, drinking green juice, and using an elliptical machine.

While the supermodel is known for endorsing she beauty products, she states that better lifestyle choies are more important. “Buy all the products you want,” she told Vogue, “but if you are not nourishing your body by eating nutritious food, if you are not exercising and oxygenating your blood and doing things that bring you joy, you are not going to feel good, and if you don’t feel good you are not going to look good,” Bündchen said.

Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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