Meditation Gongs. Probably The Best Thing You Dont Have

There’s something sacred about the sound a good meditation gong makes.

You’re running around like a mad-person at home, thinking about work, thinking about everything you have to do. Then—


That sound—that deep, resonant bass note—immediately grounds you.

That’s why gong makes such good additions to meditation space (read: design a  meditation space at home).

When you hear that gong, you feel grounded, you reconnect with the divine, and you immediately move into your Zen Zone.

All meditators should have their own meditation gong. It’s one of the coolest meditation products.

But which gong is the best? And why do you really need one?


There’s a fascinating history to meditation gongs…

For millennia, we humans have used meditation gongs and other sounds at one of the main forms of spiritual healing.

Tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, mantras, chimes… these can all be used for sound-healing.

Of course, the human voice has always been the most popular sound healing instrument. That’s why sing hymns and chant mantras.

Go back to 1968–the time of Vietnam and 2001 A Space Odyssey—and you might see a certain spiritual teacher called Yogi Bhajan touring America.

But over the past few decades Westerners have started to gain an appreciation for the healing sounds of Japan, China and the East.

Yogi Bhajan brought yogic sound healing to the West. This was when we Westerners became interested in using meditation gongs and other instruments for healing.

It soon became popular. Before long, authors were writing about the miracle of using sounds to heal, like Johannes Heimrath, who wrote The Healing Power Of The Gong.

Today, many yogi’s enjoy getting high on sound-baths, and meditators listen to gongs to get into their Zen.

Even when we’re not meditating, when we are just listening to some beautiful meditation music, we often hear gongs, and hey relax us.

Funny thing is, it totally works.


Science proves that sound healing instruments work

Science shows that we can truly be healed by meditation music.

Does it sound crazy that listening to a specific sound can heal the mind and body?

Think about it like this:

All matter is made of energy. The entire universe is one big wave of energy. Nothing is truly solid. We are just energy vibrating at different frequencies. That’s why absolutely everything in the universe produces some sort of sound. We humans of course only hear the sounds that occur within the frequency range of human hearing.

Everything is energy. Everything has frequency. Everything produces sound.

Is it any surprise that instruments that create certain frequencies can help to heal the body and mind?

By listening to certain sounds, we influence our own inner frequency. Amazingly, this can affect us in many ways. It can affect our mood, our skin, our organs… everything!


How sound healing works—a matter of energy and frequency

When we listen to different sounds we affect our inner frequency.

When we are operating at optimum vibrational frequency we are healthy and happy.

Sound healing works by using special instruments that tune the body and mind to their optimum vibrational frequency—just like you might tune a guitar.

And that’s how gongs work, and especially tam-tam gongs.

These gongs produce specific frequencies and tones that heal the body and mind.

Want proof?

In the 1980s, German musician Johannes Heimrath became fascinated by meditation gongs. He ran workshops and helped many people to cure health problems using gongs. Heimrath discovered that meditation gongs are remarkably good at curing headaches and relieving neck pain and various cramps.

When we listen to a meditation gong we stimulate the nerve endings. This can have a big affect on health problems like tension headaches and various forms of injuries.

Gongs are relaxing too. They soothe the mind. And when the mind is relaxed the body heals.

It’s been proven that there is a direct relationship between emotions and pain. That is why we can use meditation to stop pain. Meditation stops negative emotions, which in turns stops physical pain.

And when you meditate on a gong, you get even more healing benefits.


The massive benefits to meditation gongs

In my guide to Tibetan Singing Bowls I revealed how the precise frequency of bowls helps to heal the mind and body.

Gongs are similar.

Naturally, we all love the sound of a meditation gong. That rich reverberation. It sounds so pure… powerful yet calm, like ocean waves.

But the sheer auditory pleasure of a meditation gong is just one of the benefits gongs offer.

Meditations gongs help us to heal. They have many powerful benefits:

The benefits of meditation gongs include:

  • Meditations gongs and gongs used in yoga create a powerful sound wave. It’s so powerful it can actually be felt physically. This stimulates the body and enlivens the skin. That is why gongs can help to improve the skin and to make us generally healthier.
  • The energy of a yoga gong / meditation gong can help release tension. In Kundalini yoga, gongs are used to stimulate the glandular and nervous system and to increase prana, the life force energy.
  • Listening to gongs improves the glandular system and especially the pituitary gland (which is responsible for producing hormones… so it’s pretty darned important).
  • Meditation gongs quieten the mind, which helps to stop anxiety, stress, and other psychological problems.
  • Heightens relaxation, which in turn helps us to think more clearly and to be better at, well, basically everything.

So by now you’re like “Woah. Meditation gongs are a big deal”.

Yes. Yes they are.

But which are the best gongs for meditation?

Let’s take a look.

Our pick of the best gongs for meditation, yoga and spiritual healing

Zildjian 12″ Table-top Gong and Stand Set

zidjian meditation gong

Zildjian (The Avedis Zildjian Company) is probably America’s best maker of cymbals and gongs. They’ve got a proud history dating right back to 400 years ago. As well as cymbals and gongs they also make drum sticks and nice big cymbal carriers.

The twelve inch table-top Zildian pictured above is a reasonable size and produces a truly beautiful sound. It also looks really stylish, especially with the famous Zildjian logo.

If you’re looking to do house blessings or want to begin meditation with a beautiful, soothing gong sound, this is a great choice.

The Zildjian gong comes with a table-top stand and mallet so you’re good to go.




Woodstock Desk Gong

woodstock desk gong for meditation

This hand-hammered desk gong is made with top-quality material and produces a rich and authentic sound. It’s 12 inches high by 10 inches wide. So it is roughly the same size as the Zildjian gong listed above.

This gong looks beautiful and is ideal for decorations, wo even if you’re not interested in actually using it for meditation it’s still worth a look.

It produces a high-quality, deep, resonant sound. It is not at all tinny, like some lower-quality gongs.




Woodstock Healing Gong- Eastern Energies Collection

hanging meditation gong

This beautiful hanging gong is made by the Woodstock company, which has been in business since 1979.

The hand-hammered Healing Gong is 30 inches long from the hanger to the bottom. It has a black and cherry finish and is made of ash wood. The actual gong is made from bras and is 10 inches wide.

If you love traditional gongs, this is a great pick. It is hand-made in the traditional style of the Far East and is perfect for meditation sessions.

The chime is rich and relatively low, fantastic for starting a meditation.




Gongs make for a beautiful addition to a meditation space. And the sounds they produce are wonderfully therapeutic.

I love sitting to meditate and beginning with a “Goooong”.


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