How Meditation can Help You through Your Dental Treatment

The fear of being in a dental clinic is something that a lot of people have. According to a survey, 9% to 20% of Americans are experiencing anxiety [1] whenever they know that they have an appointment with the dentist. This is something that many people around the world are experiencing. There are people who […]

Why Should I Bring Gratitude Into Meditation?


Practicing gratitude and meditating are two wonderful suggestions to strengthen our recovery. A great way to strengthen both practices is by incorporating the two. Gratitude meditation is a form of meditation where we reflect deeply on the things we are grateful for. Through gratitude meditation, we will feel an increase in positive emotions for others […]

5 Bible Audio Recordings You Need To Hear

bible audio recordings

When it comes to the Bible, you can really only gain so much by reading it over and over again. Sometimes, rather than reading the words, you need to hear the story spoken aloud, and with a full production in the background, it becomes nothing less than an experience in itself. The Bible is the […]

6 Ways To Get in Tune With Yourself

get in touch with yourself

In this busy modern world, it can be difficult to take time for yourself. Between jobs, overtime, side gigs, social media, children, the news and bills to pay, do you even have time to ask yourself how you’re doing? Here are a few ideas for how you can get started checking in with yourself, and […]

5 Mindfulness Practices for Busy People

busy street

We’re all a little busy these days, but when being too busy gets in the way of our spirituality and wellness, it’s time to take a moment and stop what we’re doing. Mindfulness brings you to the present, helping you to focus on what’s here and now rather than whats’ been or will be. Even […]

How To Set Up A Relaxing Space At Home

Creating a relaxing room at home the key to getting your mind to relax. However, for you to effectively relax, it’s not enough that your mind is ready for it. You should also be creative in order to come up with an environment that’s conducive for relaxation. Contrary to popular belief, setting up your relaxing […]

Best Essential Oils for Improved Sleep

best essential oils for sleep

Did you know there are big benefits of essential oils for improving sleep. It is a great idea that you’re trying to improve your sleep routine. Experts generally recommend that you sleep for about one-third of your day every day. Though research continues to look into the benefits, sleep is an activity during which our […]

7 Easy Ways To Be Mindful Everyday

easy ways to be mindful everyday

In this article we will look at seven easy ways to be mindful everyday. Many of us are sorely short of time and lack time to even do our most important tasks, let alone our hobbies. You might think you don’t have time to meditate. But the paradox of meditation is that it frees up […]

How Meditation Improves Personal Finance & Investing [Guest Post]

meditation, personal finance and investing guest post

Believe it or not, meditation can improve personal finance and investing. And in this guest post, I will show you how. There is an important link between mental health and investing [1] and studies show that poor mental health can lead to poor decisions that affect both personal finance and investing. Of course we all […]

Best Meditations For Your Astrology Sign [Guest Post]

meditation and astrology guest post

In this guest post, we will look at the best meditations for your astrology sign. And you can learn more about all the different meditation techniques here. As you likely know, different astrological signs have different personalities and different strengths and weaknesses. For that reason, you can find your best meditation based on astrology signs. […]

Meditation In Dating & Relationships – What You Need To Know

meditation, dating and relatioships guest post

Did you know there’s a crazy link between meditation, dating and relationships? Not only can meditation make you more attractive, but it can help you to meet new people, be more confident, and enjoy longer relationships. As a meditation teacher, one of my favourite things in the world is to show people how to use […]

Meditation Therapy For Substance Abuse 

substance abuse recovery

In recent years meditation has gained a great degree of scientific validity. This practice has been studied in clinical settings by hundreds of researchers. What they have found is that regular mediation has dozens of benefits for both mind and body.  One of the most important benefits that researchers have discovered is that meditation is […]

Using Hemp Flower to Enhance a Meditative Environment

hemp flower

The competitiveness of society has turned our world into a beehive. Everyone is busy striving to earn a living and keep up with the Joneses. As a result, most people have forsaken their health and the wellbeing of their bodies. Although you may feel like all is well despite your busy lifestyle, it’s important to […]

A Guide To Living Meditation

guide to living meditation

Imagine a river—a wide one, with a large, rushing current. Picture the choppy water, the way it foams as it crashes over rocks and sprays into the air. The water we can see on the surface is like our everyday lives. It’s a bit chaotic. Our jobs, family responsibilities, and personal goals pull us in […]

How To Trick Your Mind Into Being Happy

how to trick your mind into being happy

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Milana Perepyolkina [bestselling international author of Gypsy Energy Secrets] about how to trick your mind into being happy. Milana had some amazing advice and tips that I wanted to share with you guys. So let me hand this over to Milana, who will explain how to trick […]

Meditation & Juice Cleansing For Mental Health

juicing and meditation

These days, it seems like everyone is juice cleansing or “juicing.” If you haven’t tried it yet, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. Most people go on juice cleanses to lose weight while others do it as a way to detox their bodies, especially after having digestion issues. But juice cleansing […]

5 Must Have Products for a Peaceful Garden

relaxing garden

We all want our gardens to look breathtaking, but what if they could also serve as a peaceful place for you to relax or even meditate in? With a few simple products, you can turn your normal garden into an amazing place of peace and happiness. No matter how big or small your garden, there’s […]

Meditation And Yoga For Asthma Relief

meditation and yoga for asthma

Asthma is a severe respiratory disorder that affects the respiratory system of the human body. In normal breathing, tiny air sacs are squeezed into the small air passage and air freely. During an attack, three significant conditions prevent air from flowing freely through the lung: The air sacs become swollen and hard. Air cannot pass […]

What It Means To Have A Spiritual Experience

If someone had asked me, when I was young ,what it means to have a spiritual experience, I probably would have suggested something along the lines of experiencing winged angels and a man sitting on a throne in the clouds judging us for or moral or immoral behaviour.  But even as a child I knew […]

How Daily Meditation Can Help Manage Your Chronic Pain

woman with chronic pain holding back

Living with chronic pain can seem like an endless nightmare. Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or an illness, managing constant pain can be mentally and physically exhausting. If you are struggling to get some rest, adding meditation to your routine may give you some relief. It is one of numerous things you […]