How To Trick Your Mind Into Being Happy

how to trick your mind into being happy

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Milana Perepyolkina [bestselling international author of Gypsy Energy Secrets] about how to trick your mind into being happy. Milana had some amazing advice and tips that I wanted to share with you guys. So let me hand this over to Milana, who will explain how to trick […]

Meditation & Juice Cleansing For Mental Health

juicing and meditation

These days, it seems like everyone is juice cleansing or “juicing.” If you haven’t tried it yet, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. Most people go on juice cleanses to lose weight while others do it as a way to detox their bodies, especially after having digestion issues. But juice cleansing […]

5 Must Have Products for a Peaceful Garden

relaxing garden

We all want our gardens to look breathtaking, but what if they could also serve as a peaceful place for you to relax or even meditate in? With a few simple products, you can turn your normal garden into an amazing place of peace and happiness. No matter how big or small your garden, there’s […]

Meditation And Yoga For Asthma Relief

meditation and yoga for asthma

Asthma is a severe respiratory disorder that affects the respiratory system of the human body. In normal breathing, tiny air sacs are squeezed into the small air passage and air freely. During an attack, three significant conditions prevent air from flowing freely through the lung: The air sacs become swollen and hard. Air cannot pass […]

What It Means To Have A Spiritual Experience

If someone had asked me, when I was young ,what it means to have a spiritual experience, I probably would have suggested something along the lines of experiencing winged angels and a man sitting on a throne in the clouds judging us for or moral or immoral behaviour.  But even as a child I knew […]

How Daily Meditation Can Help Manage Your Chronic Pain

woman with chronic pain holding back

Living with chronic pain can seem like an endless nightmare. Whether you are recovering from an injury, surgery, or an illness, managing constant pain can be mentally and physically exhausting. If you are struggling to get some rest, adding meditation to your routine may give you some relief. It is one of numerous things you […]

When is The Best Time to Do Yoga?

woman doing yoga in the morning sunrise

Yoga has a whole host of health benefits that make it a healthy addition to your workout schedule. That includes helping you build and sculpt muscle and calm and centre your body and mind. Like other forms of exercise, the time of day in which you do your yoga routine may play a part in […]

How To Use CBD Oil To Manage Your Mental Health

CBD oil benefits from hemp is legal in all 50 states,Medical uses for cbd oil,backgrounds

Mental health refers to the state of a person’s emotional, mental, and psychosocial well-being, as described in how one acts, talks, and cope with everyday problems. The holistic approach has been used as a key methodology in treating mental health problems. This approach includes managing psychological manifestations and physical signs and symptoms by using traditional […]

7 Daily Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Anxiety and Stress

woman kneeling down meditating with eyes closed and hands in anjali mudra prayer position

Those who exercise mindfulness meditation tend to be the happiest, healthiest, and most successful people you could ever meet. That’s because it offers a ton of life-changing health benefits that can transform your quality of life. Whether it’s reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improving your focus, providing more energy, etc. However, like anything else in life, […]

Monument Launches Monument Live Series & ‘Delish AF’ Cocktail Book

thumbnail_Mike Alcohol-Free Cheers

Designed for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol, Monument is an affordable, accessible, and research-based online platform and community whose mission is to empower people to get more out of life by drinking less. Monument is a company dedicated to mindfulness. Being mindful about how a person thinks and feels, their relationship with […]

How To Find Time To Meditate When You’re Busy

person meditating in front of a clock

One of the many questions we receive here on THE DAILY MEDITATION is: How to meditate when you don’t have time. Meditation is a fabulous tool for practicing mindfulness, reaching insights into yourself, and even reprogramming your brain. However, if you work multiple jobs and homeschool your kids, you probably don’t have the time to meditate.  […]

Why Dancing Feels So Good – Truth From A Dance Instructor

group dancing in dance class

Did you ever wonder why dancing feels so good? There are many significant mental health benefits of dance?  In this article, dancer and yoga expert Keisa Parrish discusses the many ways dancing helps mental health… Dance has always been a sweet escape, even before I was a “dancer.” That’s probably the case for most people before […]

Powerful Guided Meditation for Improved Sleep

girl listening to guided meditation

Did you know you can get a better night’s rest by using guided meditation for sleep.  Many people have trouble with sleep at some point in their lives, it’s just part of the human experience. The anxieties, stresses and distractions of modern life mean that often, when our heads hit the pillow, we start to ruminate […]

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Mental Health?

Is CBD Good For Mental Health_

CBD has been proven to have a whole range of health benefits, which contributes to its rising popularity. However, most people seem to focus on the physical benefits alone. This is an oversight because CBD has also been shown to be very helpful for the brain. There hasn’t been as much research on this subject, […]

Best Kratom Strains for Mood and Energy

Did you know that more and more people are using kratom for better mood and energy every day? It has become the latest beverage after coffee and tea to have become such a staple, everyday item. You don’t even have to consume high doses of kratom for a better mood or better energy as long […]

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Your Energy

young woman relaxing with her feet up

Today’s world and a global pandemic have caused more stress than ever before. Fortunately, there are a few things you can actively do to try to find balance and reduce stress from your life. These simple exercises and activities will help you to find more energy to tackle all that life brings your way.   […]

6 Ways To Feel More Relaxed During The Day And Night

woman sleeping in bed with flower and towel

If you are someone who is used to leading a busy lifestyle, you may find that you feel tired and stressed during different times of the day. You may also notice that it is hard for you to turn your brain off each night when you try to get some rest. Thankfully, there are a […]

New Online Wellbeing Series From Ananda [Guest Post]

ananda in himalayas

Ananda’s new wellbeing series launches online to offer health and healing during lockdown. Increasingly, health and wellbeing facilities are being moved online, and we are seeing the rise of online yoga and meditation classes. Although some countries and states are starting to lowering restrictions on health facilities like gyms and spas, many people are still […]

GUEST POST: Cali School Use Mindfulness for Student Stress Management

students stress management with mindfulness

Schools in California are using mindfulness to help with student stress management. Studies show that breathing exercises help students cope with stress so they can better focus on studies. The pandemic and racial tensions has caused an escalation in stress at school and many education leaders are turning to mindfulness to help students manage stress. […]