Healing Your Inner Child Meditation [With Script]

People always tell me that I have a very active inner child. And I’m always delighted to hear that. Why? Well, for two main reasons. Firstly, I think that a person’s inner child is one of the most beautiful things about them. And secondly, life is much more fun when you have a healthy inner child.

Sadly, many people lose touch with their inner child. According to numerous psychologists, experiences in our childhood can wound our inner child, and this wound can carry over into adulthood. This then hurts us in the present moment because, as Psychosynthesis theory posits, our psyche is a “psychosynthesis” of ourselves at all ages of development. (1) So if your “child you” is hurt, the rest of you will be too.

For our wellbeing, we must nurture each of our “Ages (our inner view of ourselves at different ages)”. This is why Inner Child healing is important.

Inner Child Healing literally means to heal the wounds of our inner child, and there are many ways to do this. One way was suggested by art therapist Lucia Capacchione. In her 1991 book Recovery of Your Inner Child, she recommends a combination of art therapy and journaling to reconnect with the inner child.

Another way is with Inner Child Meditation. And indeed, this is where I come in as an expert meditation coach. So, let me share with you my guided meditation.

Inner Child Meditation

Guided Meditation For Inner Child Healing


  1. Take a moment to sit comfortably. Allow your body to relax, letting go of your muscles, allowing any tension to just melt away as you relax deeper and deeper. My guide to meditation positions will help.
  2. Allow the outside world to fall away as you begin to focus on your breath. Observe your breath as you breathe in through your nose to a count of four. Pause here for four. Breathe out through your mouth for four. Pause for four again and repeat. Allow your breath to come deep from your diaphragm, noticing as your abdomen expands and contracts as you breathe.
  3. Notice that deep within you there is a space of pure emptiness and tranquility. Allow yourself to rest in this place of empty tranquility for just a moment. If you struggle to do this, use my guided meditations for relaxation.
  4. A way off, in front of you, there appears a small silhouette. It begins to move towards you. Gradually you begin to see its features and details. It is you. A younger you. A you from many years ago. What age is this younger you? You can decide.
  5. This younger you stands in front of you, smiling warmly at you. And you feel a psychic connection between the you of today and this younger version of you.
  6. The younger you smiles, and you begin to remember what made you so happy back then, when you were younger. The younger you begins to do the thing that you used to enjoy so much. What is it that this child you is doing? Watch as the younger you so happily does that thing that you used to enjoy doing so very much.
  7. Quietly whisper to the child version of you, “I am grateful that we had those moments”. The child you laughs playfully and then comes back over to you. You embrace, lovingly. And as you embrace, you whisper to your inner child, “I love you, and I will protect you.” And you feel your inner child snuggling you tighter.
  8. Allow yourself to feel this embrace for just a moment. Listen intently to your inner child. Ask if there is a message that they wish to tell you.
  9. Slowly, your inner child turns away and begins to walk off into the distance. You watch as they fade away, and you whisper to them, “I will see you again soon”.
  10. Take a deep breath.
  11. The purpose of this meditation is to gradually heal. And it is important to heal and to nurture your inner child at different ages. For that reason, you might like to rewind this video and repeat again with a different age inner child, or you can return tomorrow to repeat the process.

More Meditations for the Inner Child

Self Inquiry

Sometimes we get too hung-up on our idea of ourselves in the present moment. For instance, you might shun your childlike ways and force yourself to always act mature and serious. This essentially is a problem with the ego. But you an overcome it. One of the best solutions is to use self inquiry meditation.

This meditation for creativity

Our inner child is often linked to our sense of creativity. Indeed, if you think about most kids, they are often a lot more creative than adults. Actually, Pablo Picasso once said, “Everyone is born an artist. The trick is remaining an artist once you grow up”. Cultivate your creative mind with this meditation.

Meditation for self love

A large part of healing the inner child is cultivating self love. We need to love and nurture our selves at all different ages. Have a vision of yourself as a young child, earl teen, late teen…? You should love every one of them. My meditation for self love will help.


An important part of our wellbeing is our relationship with our inner child. People who are mentally healthy have a loving and nurturing relationship to their inner child. Sadly, trauma and events in childhood can harm our inner child, and in turn this affects our mental health. Thankfully, we can use the inner child meditation above to reconnect with and heal the inner child.

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.

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