Our Best Guided Meditation Sessions & Scripts

In this list you can find some of our best guided meditation scripts and recordings. These are free for personal use. If you would like to use our recordings or scripts for professional purposes, a Business Membership is required.

 For the ultimate experience, book a private meditation session or corporate meditation class. 

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Meditation For Anxiety 

Many people use meditation For Anxiety. Mindfulness helps to reduce reactivity to thoughts and feelings, thereby soothing anxiety. Listen to the recording below or view the script via the link above.

For Anger

The National Library of Medicine states that 7.8% percent of people have intense, poorly controlled anger. But mindfulness helps. It gives us control over our thoughts. Plus, it helps us relax. Script: Meditation for Anger.

For Christians 

Christian can use specific meditations (such as  Biblical Meditation) to connect to the divine. Our guide includes several biblical meditations, plus recordings of guided meditations and scripts.


Meditation For Depression 

One of the most important advantages of meditation is that it reduces depression. It also helps with negative emotions like sadness and guilt.  Script: Meditation for Depression.



 Many people struggle to focus. But mindful awareness can massively improve your concentration. And it can even help you to block out noise mentally. Try the script via the link above.


Meditation can make you more grateful. And being grateful improves overall mental health. Our gratitude meditation script helps us focus the mind on the blessings in life. 


One of the most popular things about mindfulness is the feeling of being grounded and more stable. Our meditation script uses a combination of breathwork and mindful walking to ground the mind.


Positive Psychology expert Rick Hanson says that meditation reduces negativity bias. In turn, this makes us happier. Read: Meditation for Happiness & Positivity 

Inner Peace

Ever since the time of Buddha, one of the most important pros of mindfulness has been inner peace. And so it remains today. Our script uses mindful breathing to create feelings of serenity. 

Insight & Intuition

Insight and intuition are natural parts of the human psyche. Sadly, many people are caught up in stress and thought. This prevents them from accessing these deeper mental faculties like the subconscious mind. Mindfulness can help. One of the best methods for this is Third Eye meditation

For Leaders

Meditation can have a huge impact on your business, both for you yourself and for your employees. That’s why Tony Robbins frequently tells entrepreneurs to meditate. Here, for example, is a meditation for leaders.


For Love & Relationships

Meditations For Couples: When you meditate you change the way you feel about people. You become more compassionate. And this can help you to connect with your significant other. Actually, you can even use meditation to attract love.

Become more attractive: Did you know, there are many ways it makes you more attractive. Not only does it help with confidence, it also clears your skin and improves your hair. 


If you meditate, you will be more motivated. Motivation is mostly based on two factors. Firstly, dopamine. And secondly, confidence. It balances dopamine and improves self-confidence. This increases motivation. Read: Meditation for Motivation


Meditation For Productivity

If you’re looking to harness the power of your mind to get more done, then this is the meditation for you. Our productivity meditation script combines Zazen and Trataka meditation for enhanced focus and productivity.

Quit Addictions

Health Guide tells us that addictions are often caused by poor mental health. Because our meditation lessons improve mental health, they also help with addictions like drinking and smoking. 


Thinking (Intrusive Thoughts / OCD)

 Try our guided meditation to overcome intrusive thoughts.

Weight Loss Meditation

Our meditation for weight loss will help you to feel good about your body while also motivating you to exercise and diet.