Guided Ocean Meditation By Monterey Bay Aquarium Made Me So Relaxed!

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Monterey Bay Aquarium releases relaxing guided ocean meditation.
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California, U.S – Monterey Bay launched a guided ocean meditation with script to help people relax.

I simply love this guided ocean meditation and script by Monterey Bay Aquarium. Between the relaxing ocean background and its beautiful sharks and tuna (and my favorite, the super cute sea-turtle!) there’s just so much relaxation here.

Follow the video below, or read the guided ocean meditation script below.

Morning MeditOcean — A Guided Meditation with the Open Sea

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Guided Ocean Meditation Script

During this practice we will work on coming more deeply into the present moment; setting aside worries about the past or the future. We’ll use mindfulness practice to gain access to a still space within all of us, a space which is always available in the present moment.

Let’s begin by finding a place where we can be comfortable and at rest. This can be sitting or standing. Just find a place where you can be both alert and relaxed at the same time. Allow your hands to rest easily in your lap or by your side, perhaps opening the palms as though signalling your willingness to receive whatever the present moment offers with gratitude.

As you gaze at the screen with its beautiful image of the open sea, let your eyes be soft and gentle with a relaxed gaze. As you focus on the screen have a sense that you are pausing, leaving behind whatever you were thinking or feeling. Consciously setting it aside. Setting aside the anxiousness, the worries, the preoccupations. Choose to immerse deeply in this moment, here and now.

Just, give a quiet gentle attention to where you are right now. Now, notice your breath. Take a full deep breath in and release it slowly. Slowly enough that you can feel the sensations as you exhale, as your breath moves through your chest, your throat, and your notice. Let’s do this a few times. Follow the breath so it brings you home to this present moment. Inhaling and exhaling. Nothing else required.

Now, allow your breath to resume whatever rhythm feels most natural for you. Let it carry you to a place of deeper rest. Shift your attention now to get a clear sense of place. Feel the pull of gravity and how the earth supports you where you are sitting or standing. Notice the colours on the screen. Notice the place you inhabit. Give it a gentle attention. Here and now. Give this same attention to your body, noticing just how it is in this moment and time: tense or relaxed warm or cold; notice what it is in this moment. Shift your attention now to the state of your mind. Are your thoughts racing or is it quiet? Just notice and let those thoughts drift through like fish through the open ocean, observing them pass.

Notice also what you are feeling in this moment. Are you at peace? Are you worried? What is the emotional state you are inhabiting?  No judgment. Just notice, here and now. Hold this awareness of body, of mind, of emotion, with a kind attention, knowing that these emotions and thoughts are moving through us, changing, just as our external world is changing so rapidly.

Let your awareness be here feeling the subtle sensations of being present in this moment. Take your full attention of the view of the open sea before you and let yourself be nowhere else but in this place, observing the sharks and rays, the tunas and bubbles, knowing that this moment is enough and indeed all we ever have is the present moment. Why not really be present in this one?

Remembering that we can become present in the midst of whatever is going on, whether it is pleasant or painful. Mindfulness relaxes around all of it and offers us a space to stay attentive and open with wonder and curiosity. Continue to notice whatever is present just now, knowing that this moment is enough and in this moment you are alive and breathing and taking it all in, completely.

Feel the benefit of simply pausing and coming into the present moment, and know that you can return to this again and again during your day. Gaze out the window, breathe and become present. Drink a glass of water pausing to be present. Close your eyes, take a mindful breath and choose the present moment. Now, set an intention to carry this simple presence of deep attention to each moment as you step into whatever is next in your day.

Decide to gift the others in your life this level of presence and attention too. We need to be present for each other now more than ever.

Take a few more deep, conscious breaths in and out. And when you are ready, slowly come back fully alert and present. This will conclude our moment of meditat-ocean today.

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By Paul Harrison

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