This Hanuman Mantra For Wealth Will Line Your Pockets

hanuman mantra for wealth

Hindu culture states that when you recite this  Hanuman mantra for wealth you will become rich. We share all you need to know in this guide.



Indians believe in working hard and fulfilling your duty to society (a duty they call “dharma“). They believe that we all have an area of society that we belong in (they call this area “Vamas”). And they believe that if you do well you have the right to a lot of money.

But one way in  which the Indian view of money differs to our own is this: Indian’s often pray to god/s for personal wealth.

If you have ever travelled to India you will likely have seen many people praying in public. This is especially true if you’ve visited India during Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colours.

The Festival of Colours is a celebration held on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna.  Popular with both Indians and travellers from around the world, the Festival of Holi has become a worldwide celebration and today is one huge party.

Holi. Festival of Colors. 2011

But the festival of Holi isn’t just a fantastic party. During it, many offer their devotion and worship to deities. One of the deities most often prayed to is Lord Hanuman, one of the most important gods of Hindu mythology.

In order to to please Lord Hanuman many people meditate in front of a Hanuman statue, reciting a mantra. It is said that Lord Hanuman, when appeased, will offer his assistance in the lives of worshippers.

One of the ways in which Hanuman can help devotees is by granting them a job, career, or promotion.



One of the mantras that Hindus will recite at this time is as follows…

Hindus believe that reciting this mantra will create business and work opportunities.


Hanuman mantra for job and success


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