Does Happiness Make You Healthier? Answer Shocks Scientists

does happiness make you healthier

“Happiness is the highest form of health” – Dalai Lama quote.

  • The latest scientific research is showing how happiness effects health. Scientists are surprised to find that our mind and emotions play a pivotal role on our health.
  • Research confirms the views of ancient spiritual texts, which state that mindset and consciousness change our physical state.
  • Researchers are excited. They suggest that soon our doctors might prescribe a dose of positivity instead of medication.


When I was a teenager I was subjected to a torturous amount of bullying. I was bullied because I was not healthy. I was overweight. And I had severe asthma, which prevented me from exercising.

I was far from healthy. And I was far from happy.

Then, when I was 18 and in university, I grew out of my asthma. I immediately got into exercise—running yoga, dance. I became fit. And I became happy.

Billions of people around the world experience the same thing. When we’re unhealthy we suffer emotionally.  When we’re fit and healthy, we feel good.

Healthiness equals happiness. Right? But why? Is it because we feel good about our bodies? Is it because we’re complimented more? Maybe it all comes down to confidence. Or maybe simply being healthy in the body produces positive emotions in the mind.

All true. But what you might not have realised is that not only does a healthy body equal a healthy mind, but a healthy mind equals a healthy body.

Being happy makes us healthy.

New scientific research is finally answering the question “does happiness effect health?” And the answer is s resounding yes!

What effect does happiness have on health?

Turns out, life satisfaction and enjoyment play vital roles in our well-being.

In other words, it is the mind and our emotions that are most important.

Positive emotions have a positive influence on the immune system and cardiovascular system according to the latest scientific research from the University of California: Irvine.

Sarah Pressman [associate professor of psychology and social behavior] and a team of researchers were surprised to find that cultivating happiness and positive perceptions improves the immune system and cardiovascular systems (note that spiritual texts have been saying this for approximately 3000 years).

Happiness may even help heal injuries and illnesses.

“…Greater contentment, optimism, a sense of life purpose, low stress and other indicators of subjective well-being are tied to better health and longevity, including surviving serious diseases, and even avoiding acute illnesses,” Pressman said.

Researchers are stating that in the near future, when we’re sick, doctors may prescribe a course of positivity alongside medication.

“We now have to take very seriously the finding that happy people are healthier and live longer, and that chronic unhappiness can be a true health threat,” said Prof. Ed Diener.

Mental suffering (stress, depression and anxiety) are major threats to cardiovascular health and to the immune system, the researchers tell us.

What does mean for us?  A lot.

  • It means school bullies don’t just upset kids, they actually make them ill.
  • It means if your boss gives you too much stress he is seriously effecting your immune system.
  • It means society has a responsibility to force those in authority to protect the safety of our emotional well-being.
  • It means if you’re hitting the gym in order to keep fit and healthy, you should do these positivity exercises at the same time, because happiness is paramount.

The mind and spirit are the sources of our health and vitality. Doctors need to stop hurling medication at us and start asking “How is your spiritual and psychological state?” instead.

Health is not found in pills. It’s found in a conscious, healthy mind.


These 3 Happiness Tips Will Probably Do More For Us Than The Average Bottle Of Pills

  1. When we’re ill, we should ask, “Have I been happy lately?”

The research out of UCI shows that our mental state plays a pivotal role on our cardiovascular health and immune system.

Kids sick. Ask whether they’re happy at school. Sick yourself? Find ways to be happier at work and home.

These tips for happiness and mental strength will help. They made all the difference for me.


  1. Recognise that other people’s energy (positive or negative) effects our well-being

Does your husband / wife / boss / colleague / kid / friend / Donald Trump stress you out?  If so they’re not just getting you down, they’re making you ill.

Negative people–people who inject negative energy into our lives–affect our immune system. So if you’ve got a cold right now, it could be because you’ve been putting up with that annoying son-of-a—! for too long.

Have gratitude too.

Good family and friends are a source of posititve energy and strengthen our immune systems. So if you’re healthy, say thank you to your nearest and dearest because they’re boosting your well-being every day.


  1. When we do something for the body, we should do something for the mind too

How often do we hit the gym? Personally, about 7 hours a week. How often do we do mental health exercises? Probably not so much, right? Because society is still obsessed with the bikini body, the bulging bicep, and the six pack, and the world still needs to wake up to the importance of spiritual and psychological health. 

Fat lot of good those toned muscles will do if we’re so unhappy we make ourselves ill.

That’s why when enlightened people exercise the body, they exercise the mind too.

Hit the gym for an hour? Meditate for an hour.

Finished a 10 mile run? Great. Now do some MBCBT.

Done morning yoga? Awesome. Now do morning positivity.


The mind is the source of true health and well-being. Every time we help our bodies, we must help our minds too.

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