Meditation On The Hari Om Mantra And Its Meaning [TUTORIAL]

In this guide I’m going to be discussing how to do meditation on the Hari Om mantra, and the meaning of Hari On.

So what does the mantra Hari Om mean? And why should you use this mantra when you are meditating?

In my huge guide to mantras I explained how different mantras mean different things [READ: Ultimate Guide To Mantras]

The mantra “Hari Om” means to “remove”.  Meditating on it helps us to remove energy blocks [Read: Spiritual Techniques To Remove Negative Energy]

Energy blocks are a leading cause of health problems according to Eastern healing techniques. This is why chi meditation techniques have been used to clear energy blocks for many thousands of years. When you get energy flowing through the body and mind you create internal harmony that is conducive to good health and wellbeing. That’s why I recommend using this method in conjunction with chi meditation to clear energy blocks.

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Hari Om Mantra Means “Removal” And It’s All About Balancing Your Chakras

The mantra Hari Om means to “remove” (I’ve explained more on this below).  It’s about removing negative blocks so you can get your energy flowing and balance your chakras.

Balancing your chakras does the following:

  • Produces happiness
  • Stops depression
  • Stops anxiety
  • Boosts overall health
  • Makes you more creative and more productive.

Hari Om meditation is an alternative way of activating the chakras.

On clearing the chakras

In a moment, I’ll show you how to do Hari Om meditation  and the meaning of it. .

But first, let’s look at how Hari Om meditation helps prana to get flowing through your body.

Our spiritual being operates through prana, the life fore.

Prana runs throughout our nadis (the energy channels in our body).

The body contains thousands of nadis and seven chakras. It is through these nadis and chakras that our energy is channeled. But sometimes that energy does not flow correctly. And sometimes the chakras get blocked. This can lead to numerous health complications both physical and mental.

When we clear the chakras we improve our psychical, spiritual and psychological health.  And one way in which we can do so is by using the mantra Hari Om for meditaiton.

How it helps with depression

As a meditation teacher I have taught Hari Om meditation to many different people, all of whom it has helped to live positive lives.

The power of Hari Om meditation was particularly important for one meditation student, Sarah.

My experience teaching it

A couple of years ago Sarah was suffering from depression and needed some spiritual healing. Sarah was also suffering from fatigue caused by insomnia. She found it very difficult to find motivation. This was a real shame as Sarah is a very bright and loving woman.

Sarah and I went through many different exercises together, but it was Hari Om meditation that really changed things for her.

The reason why this technique was so pivotal for Sarah can be explained through the very words “Hari Om,” meaning “removal”.

It is these two words  that make this one of the best spiritual healing techniques.

Here is the true meaning of Hari Om

The meaning of Hari Om is all about removal:

  • Hari means to remove, as in to remove suffering.
  • “Om” is the universal vibration which connects us to the infinity of divine creation.

So, if you have depression, for you the mantra Hari Om means “Removing the suffering of depression and reconnecting with the universal energy.” But it could also mean other things depending on the precise type of energy block that you are suffering from.

I previously mentioned my student Sarah. Sarah practiced using the mantra Hari Om for meditation for twenty minutes a day for one month. Over the course of that month I saw many changes in Sarah. The changes began with minor things: getting out of bed earlier, sleeping better, eating healthily. Then Sarah found more energy, she began to work, getting a regular job (she has since been promoted to a high position in an international company—go Sarah!) And Sarah herself tells me that she believes this method was vital for her personal transformation.

How to do Hari Om meditation

So, how do you do Hari Om meditation?

Here’s how:

  1.  Find somewhere comfortable in a meditation room, perhaps with a meditation pillow if you find these useful.
  2. You may wish to use a mala to count your chants.
  3. As with most meditation techniques, sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus your mind on your breathing. Do so for five minutes in order to relax and find focus.
  4. As you breathe out begin to use the mantra “Hari Om” (meaning “removal”. It is pronounced “Hari Aum”)
  5. Focus on the sound of the words and feel the energy of the mantra in your body.
  6. You can adapt this method to incorporate the chakras if you wish.
  7. Continue for twenty minutes.

Regular practice of Hari Om meditation once a day will help you overcome any suffering and to reconnect. It will also develop energy in your body. When you use this mantra you will clear whatever sort of blockage you are currently suffering from. The result is improved health and wellbeing.

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