Good news: There are many powerful mantras for health and healing that can help with illness, disease and various health problems.

There are healing mantras for diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and many other common health problems.

My massively popular mantras list for beginners reveals how Japa and sacred sound can help us to restore our health and to help us to become fitter such as, for instance, by helping us lose weight [READ: Mudras for weight loss].

Japa, which is the meditative recitation of sacred sounds and chants, can help to boost your immune system and relax the mind, which is incredibly important for healing.

Healing Mantras For Health Problems In Common Illnesses

English mantras for health problems and healing

Use these non-religious English affirmations to promote inner calm. This will help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other health problems.

Recite one of these mantras 108 times now (preferably using a mala necklace), with your eyes closed. Then repeat once a day.

Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga mantras for health problems and healing

The following mantras for health problems and healing will help with  diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease. They areTantrik treatments.They will cure health issues when chanted. Let’s begin with one of the oldest and most sacred.

VUNG — This is the best mantra for healing blood pressure

Take a look at this article about meditation and high blood pressure.

Traditionally it was said that to practice this mantra you must be holding rudraksha beads. You must then recite “Vung” one thousand times. This will correct blood pressure (for both low blood pressure and high blood pressure).

Use this one in the morning and after work, while facing north.  Recite it every day for one month. For best results perform outside.

Healing Mantra for healing heart Disease: Om Hrung Joong Shah

This one should be repeated 500 times a day before sunrise and after sunset.

It will only work in the early stages of heart disease. You must wear a Rudraksha Mala while chanting.  Use  Om Hrung Joong Shah consistently for 15 days to cure heart disease.

Vedic Mantras For Healing Diseases

You may also like some mantras to protect you from illnesses.

There are also healing mantras for skin and hair.

 Benefits of mantras for health and healing

Mantras heal the body and mind by promoting relaxation, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, and helping with the physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety, as well as the specific spiritual benefits of each individual mantra.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of science to back-up the idea that mantras can heal the body. However, much research has shown the health benefits of meditation, and mantras are one form of meditation. As well as mantras there are also self-healing meditations.

Because of the lack of scientific research, I do strongly recommend consulting a healthcare professional as well as using the chants I have shared below.

Spiritually speaking, people have been using mantras for health and healing for thousands of years, and there are many ancient texts that discuss the health benefits of chanting. Buddhist and Hindu texts, as well as many yoga books, discuss the health benefits of mantras. And there has been much scientific research on the health benefits of sound healing too [READ: Sound Healing Guide].

A matter of vibration (humming)

Chanting sacred sounds and phrases creates vibrations in the body through the movement of air. This is the same as when we hum. And science has shown that humming does have proven health benefits.

In The Humming Effect, Jonathan Goldman says:

“When you bring your conscious attention to the practice of humming, it becomes an extraordinary vehicle for healing and transformation. Humming is easy and has marvellous beneficial effects, from lowering blood pressure and heart rate to stimulating the release of vital hormones such as melatonin and nitrus oxidde.

When you use the mantras for health and healing above, you also take advantage of these benefits of humming.

Here are 12 benefits of humming (and by extension, mantras)

  1. Grounds us. When I’m running about like a total loon, I hum to bring myself back to the moment.
  2. Clears the sinuses (you can actually feel this happening).
  3. Relaxes the muscles.
  4. Stops us thinking too much (because we focus on the humming rather than on our thoughts)
  5. Is a pleasant tune makes us happy and joyful (try humming Jingle Bells without smiling, I dare you). 
  6. Slows down your breathing. So when you see that the rent is due and you panic, hum! Works for me!
  7. Relaxes the mind before bed (and we all know how important good sleep is for healing)
  8. Humming stimulates the parasynthetic nervous system [2]
  9. Humming reduces blood pressure between 10 – 20 mmHg
  10.  Humming improves dental hygiene because vibrations in the mouth help move food particles.

What’s your favourite mantra for health and healing?

Isn’t it amazing that even in the 21st Century, spiritual techniques like these are still among the best ways to heal ourselves?

What is your favourite mantra for health and healing? Write a comment below and remember to subscribe.

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  1. There are basically two kinds of mantras – dead mantras and enlivened mantras. A dead Mantra is one you get from a book, read from a website or get from someone who has not enlivened the mantra. Dead mantras don’t usually have much of an effect on a person who uses it. Traditionally, mantras are given by an enlightened master who has mastered the mantra and is able to enliven that in others.


  3. This site is a great idea, and I know the author means well, but I regret to say that most of the mantras featured herein are next to useless. Why? Because there is no guide wahatsoever as to how to pronounce the words, and many words are quite foreign to Western ears. It’s well known that mispronouncing can render the mantra useless, or even have a possibly harmful effect on the user.

    Surely some guide to correct pronunciation wouldn’t be difficult.

    Thank you.

  4. I live humming now! I’m wondering (hoping) is there a healing meditation/mantra for multiple sclerosis? Something to calm an overactive immune system, strengthen the bervpys system? .Thanking you.

  5. I was wondering how many you can do a day of different mantras? How these work and help? And I need some for ocd and intrusiveness please if I don’t have heart issues but fear of it can these heart desease mantras still help?

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