Heartbreak As Yoga Teacher Slips And Falls To Her Death

Banks Peninsula, New Zealand—35-year-old yoga teacher, April Morcel, slips and falls to her death going for a run with her dog “Mac’ during self-isolation.

Yoga teacher April Morcel was simply feeling bored during the coronavirus self-isolation. She’d been self-isolating with her boyfriend at her father and step-mother’s home in Diamond Harbour, on Banks Peninsula, in New Zealand.

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The Tragedy Of April Morcel’s Death

Yoga teacher April Morcel simply felt she needed to escape the boredom of isolation, and so, on Monday, she left the family home shortly after 1pm to go for a short run in a familiar place with dog, Mac. Tragically, she slipped and fell to her death.

In the early hours of the morning, the family began to worry when they realised that Morcel had not yet returned from her run.

Terrified about what might have happened to his daughter, Father Don Martin called the police and a friend who owned a boat. He and his friend boarded the boat and searched the coastline for April. That was when they found her on the rocks at around 7pm.

Don Martin has shared his horrific account of finding his daughter on the rocks. ‘Being first on the site was quite a horrific thing,’ he said in an account. ‘The tide was coming up quite rapidly, so I went to shore, and got her as high out of the water as I possibly could and we waited for Coastguard.’

Fifteen minutes after April Morcel’s body had been discovered the coastguard arrived. The body was transferred to Naval Point, Lyttelton. Later, local resident Diamond Harbour found April’s dog, Mac, and took care of him until the family came to collect him the next day.

April Mocel’s step-mother, Caroline Martin, said that April was a travel-lover, and journeyed all around the world. The family were often worried about what could potentially happen to her during her travels. They never expected that such a tragedy would happen right on their doorstep.

‘We worried when she was in India, we worried when she was in Thailand, we worried when she was in all sorts of places and for her to die on our own doorstep in a place that we’ve always felt really safe is just, you can’t process it, we’re all completely stunned.’

April Morcel’s sister, Zoey Walker, 24, has described April as being the family’s “rock”. She says that dancing under the stars was one of April’s favorite things to do.

‘Her family and friends will always remember her when they look up to the sky, we know that she will be the brightest star in the galaxy. We will always carry her in our hearts … as a beautiful soul like her will never be forgotten,’ Ms Walker said.


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