Why Do People Still Resist These Sweet Benefits Of Mindful Living?!

benefits of mindful living

There are so many benefits of living a mindful life. Not only is a mindful life better for you health, it makes you happier and more positive too.  Here’s just a snapshot of the many benefits of living mindfully.



If you really want to feel the full affects of meditation and mindfulness, you cant’ just meditate for twenty minutes a day; you have to live a mindful life. 

Twenty minute meditation sessions are a quick way to relax and to focus your mind. Simply take 108 mindful breaths and you’ll notice a big difference. You’ll notice your heartbeat slowing, your breath becoming deeper, your muscles relaxing, you will feel free and light, and you will boost your energy levels (which you can also do with this meditation for energy).

Yes, twenty minute meditation sessions truly are relaxing.

But it’s something altogether different to stretch those twenty minute meditation session out to an hour, two hours, three…

And when you’re mindful for the entire day, for 24 hours…? Well, that’s when life suddenly becomes a beautiful cosmic dance.

When you start living a truly mindful life, being mindful the whole day from breakfast to that lovely glass of soy milk you have before bed time, you start to notice some truly amazing things.

Here are some of the best benefits of living a mindful life.



The Benefits of Living A Mindful Life

One of the best benefits of living a mindful life is that it suddenly feels like you have more time. 

There have been days in my life when I wasn’t mindful at all, days when I barely even recognised that the sun had gone up, revolved part way around Earth, and then started to go back down again. Those days were a long time ago now. But I distinctly remember that I achieved absolutely zilch, nada, zip on all those days.

When you’re mindless, time seems to slip through your fingers like sand.

But when you’re mindful? Then you suddenly realise precisely how long a day is. You realise that 24 hours is kinda a good deal, the same way that all you can eat buffets are a good deal. With those 24 hours you can tick off everything on your to do list and still have plenty more time for fun


And not only will you have more time, but you’ll also appreciate the individual moments of which that time is comprised.

When you live a mindful life, you don’t just feel as though you’ve got more time, you also get to live in that time. You’re in the moment. You live each step of your day.

We all know that old quote that says “It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years.” Of course it refers to the fact that what matters is how alive you are in the moments of your life.

When you live a mindful life, you truly get to experience the joy and richness of every little moment.

Like William Blake so beautifully wrote, “To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.”  (sigh. What an enlightened mind William Blake had).

When you live a mindful life you make every moment of your life a beautiful, living, breathing thing. The moments are no longer throwaway but essential, beautiful, and pure.



And then, when you live a mindful life  in every moment, you realise the infinite possibilities that are all around you

Perhaps my personal favourite  benefit of living a mindful life is that when you’re mindful you’re more alive to the possibilities of life.

I’ll give an example. I go to the grocery store about four times a week, mostly because I drink too much milk. Sometimes I’ll walk to the store mindlessly (mostly when I’m tired). When I walk mindlessly there are only two things I care about: getting to the store and getting back. That’s it. Two possibilities. You could program a machine to do that with just as much sentience.

Other times I’ll walk to the store mindfully. I’ll actually practice zen walking going up the street. It’s a totally different thing to walking mindlessly.

When you walk mindfully you’re much more aware of yourself and of the world around you. You notice the colours of the sky, birds singing in the trees, the water fountain that the neighbours have going… the world comes to life. You realise that there are infinite things you could do in the world, that are so many things to be thankful for, even in this seemingly mundane moment in which you’re just walking to the grocery store. It’s like someone turned the lights on and you suddenly see how truly beautiful everything is.



Because you’re aware of the possibilities, pretty much everything then becomes possible

Mindfulness makes you more aware of the possibilities, and once you’re aware of the possibilities you’re more able to achieve things.

We’re ultimately living in a world of opportunities, a world full of maybes, a world of potentials. But the crazy thing about it is that a lot of us just don’t see the possibilities. We’re certain that life is X or Y and we don’t see the possibility that actually life could be Z.



Speaking of the ability to perceive the possible; you know, I think all inventors must live mindfully. Because it’s only when you’re mindful that you’re able to see the world and to see the possibilities in it, and only by seeing those possibilities can you then carry them out. You can’t create the wheel if you can’t see the possibility of the wheel’s existence.

And so it is with all things: the more aware you are of life, of time, and of all these amazing things that happen around you every day, the more you’re able to elicit changes in your life, to make good things happen, to leave a mark on the world.



Thankfully it is possible to be mindful literally every moment of your life, to live a mindful life 24/7, and honestly in my humble opinion I reckon you probably should.

You might wonder how you can be mindful every moment of the day.

Sure, mindfulness is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy when you just sit down and meditate for twenty minutes. But can you be mindful while driving, while working, while talking, while you’re at the gym…?

You can be mindful at any time day or night.

Anything you do you can do mindfully.  That’s one of the life lessons I’ve learnt from meditation, that literally everything can be done in a mindful way.

You can live a mindful life in every individual moment. And that means you can enjoy the benefits of living a mindful life at any time, on any given day.

You might like to know how.

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a fantastic book on that very subject. It’s called Zen And Now: Find Happiness Wherever You Are, Whatever You’re Doing.  You’re going to love it. And once you tap into your mindful existence, you’re going to love each and every moment of your life (even the supposedly “bad” times that you don’t think you could ever enjoy).

Given all the benefits of mindfulness, I personally think we owe it to ourselves to learn to meditate. What do you think?

Live a mindful life. It’s a fantastic way to be. When you live a mindful life you will very quickly notice differences. Live a mindful life and you’ll be happier, more peaceful, more productive… there are simply too many reasons why you must live a mindful life.