Mantras For Pregnancy And A Healthy Baby

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There are many powerful mantras for pregnancy that you can use to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.
 Science shows that chanting mantras can indeed help women to get pregnant.

When we recite mantras we create very specific energy vibrations in the body that can lead to inner transformation.

Scientific research shows that those energy vibrations can heal, strengthen, and provide numerous benefits, including helping couples with pregnancy.

Take a look at my Meditation Mantras List.

It reveals the science of mantras and how they can be used for many different benefits–benefits lie having a healthy baby.

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Let’s take a look at the best mantras for having a baby. And remember you can always use meditation for fertility.

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Hindu Mantras for a baby

The first Hindu mantra for pregnancy is an ancient mantra which requires the woman to have Hanuman, Maruti or darshan for 5 days, then on the fifth day after pooja recite the mantra below 108 times.

The first mantra is :

Om hreem lajja jallaya thn la Om hreem Swah

Mantra 2

The second mantra for a child must be recited as many times as is possible. The mantra is as follows.

Prem magan kaushalya nisidin jaat na jan
Sut-Sneha bas mata balcharit kar gaan

Mantra 3

The final mantra is in dedication to Shri Krishna, to whom the woman must pray while reciting the following mantra:

 Devaki suta Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate
Dehi meTanayam Krishna tvaamaham Sharana gatah

Mantra for Conceiving baby boy 

Hindus believe that by appeasing the elephant-headed god Ganesh (the “destroyer of obstacles”), the family will be blessed with a baby boy.

In order to appease Ganesh and to have a baby boy, a woman will recite a specific mantra. The most powerful mantra for a baby boy, is as follows:

OM Madan Maga Ganpatyai Rakshamritam Matsutam Dehi

Traditionally, women would use this mantra while practicing Sadhana (spiritual practice).

For this specific mantra, the individual should also take herbs. Specifically, sacred texts state that the individual should consume a mix of  Gokhru / Gokshura (juice of the Tribulus terrestris herb) with the Nirgundi Herb (from the Five Leaved Chaste Tree). This mixture would be taken at night for one week after the end of the menstrual cycle.

OM Mantra for Pregnancy

Meditating on OM takes you back to your most basic energy, you reconnect with the centre of your existence and the centre of your own creation.

Om (“Aum”) is the creation sound; the creation of past, present, and future; the creation of all that was and all that shall be.

All is contained in the universal sound OM.

Meditating on Om also allows us to transcend to a higher state of being, becoming one with past, present and future.

Om is pronounced AUM, not UMMM and not MMMMM. AUM. The A begins at the abdomen and works it way up the body. The U resonates in the chest, in the centre of the body. The M is at the lips and head. When we meditate on Om we channel Prana through our body. Prana is the central lifeforce energy that sustains us. This can be very beneficial for pregnancy.

Using the Om Mantra for pregnancy

  1. When we meditate on the Om,  we begin by taking five minutes to sit still with our eyes closed, focusing on breathing.
  2. Then, begin to make the sound, starting in the chest and feeling the energy rise up your body.
  3. Bring to mind all the women who have become pregnant before you.
  4. Feel yourself connecting with your inner creative energy, and visualise yourself becoming pregnant.
  5. Visualise a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth.
  6. Imagine yourself welcoming your baby into your life.
  7. Make sure your body is relaxed while you do this. You may be stressed about conception but it is important to allow your body to relax.
  8. You can also chant on Om when you are pregnant to help relax the body and to create a healthy pregnancy and a healthy birth.

 Kundalini Yoga mantra for pregnancy

There is also a kundalini yoga mantra used for pregnancy. This mantra is to be used as a couple both man and wife reciting the mantra together.

  1. Sit your backs together and hands in Gyan Mudra (thumb and index finger touching with other fingers extended).
  2. Now use the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma,” chanting loud for five minutes, then whispering  (5 mins), silent (11 mins), whisper (5 mins) and loud (5 mins).
  3. It is important to use this mantra with the correct correct finger positions (see below).

This image shows the hand positions (mudras) and musical notes for the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra.

More ways to become pregnant

There are many spiritual techniques that can be used to help someone to become pregnant. Mantras are just one technique.

Along with mantras, it can be very helpful to use music, bells, prayers and chants.

You might like to use the following pregnancy aids.

Musical Cures

Music stills the mind and create balance, helping the body to prepare itself for conception. One of the best ways to get pregnant is to listen to meditative music.


There are many chants that you can use (many of which are available on compilation CDs). Add these to a daily practice.

Another mantra for a healthy baby is simply “Om,” the most basic of all mantras. You do not need to adopt any specific sitting positions or any specific breathing technique, though it is recommended that you ensure you have good posture and breathe deeply. There is no designated number of times that you must chant “Om,” but the more you do the more effect the mantra will have.

Om is the primordial sound, the sound of which the world is created and the sounds which is behind every birth.

You might like to combine this with some of the other mantras for health.


Mantras have been used for thousands of years as a way to help couples to have a baby. Above we have shared the most powerful mantras for pregnancy.

The mantras we have looked at on this page are the most powerful mantras for pregnancy. They are said to change the vibrational qualities of the individual, and to bring the blessings of the deity to whom they are recited.

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