How To Beat Sugar Addiction Naturally To Lose Weight [TUTORIAL]

how to beat sugar addiction

Your sugar addiction could literally be ruining your life. Thankfully there are some great ways how to beat sugar addiction naturally. And after beating sugar addiction you are going to feel like a million bucks..



It’s hard losing weight. And one of the main reasons why it’s so flipping complex is that every so often out minds seem possessed with a voice calling us to have a cookie, a cake, some chocolate or some other sweet and fattening food.


A lot of the time we can deal with it. Most times, the voice of candies and cakes call to us but we’re able to silence them. These are the good times, when we feel inspired and motivated to lose weight. But then there are those time when we’re stressed. We just want to get away. We want the sweet goodness and comfort of fatty food.

The problem is that we’ve learnt to use food as a way of dealing with stress. So inevitably, when we’re stressed, we eat and put on weight and undo all the good we’d done on our weight loss programs. Urggghhhh.

Sugar Addiction And Weight in America

An average American will eat 156 lbs of sugar each year. That’s only a little less than my body weight.

We’re consuming more soft drinks; 500% more than we did in the 40s, says the US Department o Agriculture Study from 1999.

Science has proven that too much sugar lads to high plaque deposits in arteries, colon cancer, breast cancer and too much LDL cholesterol.

 . . . okay, so sugar’s bad. How can we beat sugar addiction? 

There’s actually a lot of debate going on about whether or not sugar is actually addictive. Self help books say it is. Science says lots of stuff, of which the following are the most interesting points. . .

Facts about how to beat sugar addiction 

  • Neuroscientists conducting studies using fMRI scans have shown leads to the release of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens (which is basically a part of the brain related to reward and motivation).
  • Research conducted by Nora Volker at the National Institute for Drug Abuse have shown that there’s a correlation between the brains of obese people and drug addicts.  
  •    Rats, when deprived of food then given food with sucrose, start bingeing.
  •  Research has shown that sugar changes dopamine receptor. This means that you need more sugar to get a pleasant feeling. Hence why overweight people on weight loss plans can feel depression – they’re not consuming enough sugar for their dopamine receptors.

So, it seems sugar is addictive. The more we have the more we need, and if we don’t have it we feel depressed. So where the heck is the answer? It seems there are two choices: 1) go cold turkey, which will inevitably make you miserable for a while but will work for those willing or 2 ) gradually decrease consumption, which will make you less miserable but take longer.

We have to accept that giving up sugar will affect our mood. And so I suppose the best advice, tough as it may sound, is to grin and bear it.

But, like I promise you, there are some great ways how to beat sugar addiction naturally. And the best way how to beat sugar addiction naturally is with meditation. I’ve written a complee guide to meditation for weight loss for you. Try it.


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