How Couples Yoga Can Help You Build Healthy Relationships [GUEST POST]

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Сouples yoga is one of the very important and interesting ways of developing yourself and your body, as well as developing harmony and integrity in a relationship. This, together with couples meditation practices, can help to take your relationship to the next level.

Benefits of couples yoga

  • One of the main reasons people start practicing couples yoga is because of a common interest in yoga. They have common goals to be together and contribute, to help each other improve, to develop the flexibility of their body, to gain new opportunities and to do all of that together. This is why practicing couples yoga is actually one of the top relationship goals for singles.
  • Secondly, couples yoga is a great way to develop each other’s feelings, since, in each exercise, the partners must align and feel each other: tension and relaxation so that they trust each other. Without this, it is impossible to exercise deeply and effectively. This growing trust helps strengthen the relationship.
  • Thirdly, couples yoga involves physical contact with each other. It is a tactile contact. It is a chance to show affection and tenderness for each other.
  • In yoga, a whole series of aspects unite at once – the presence of common interests and goals, mutual sensitivity, empathy, and increased contact. All of these aspects can help to develop the relationship.
  • Couples yoga, like many other types of yoga, is a very deep and holistic “study” of the whole body. It is also an opportunity to learn how to deeply relax and to control your body. This is an opportunity to learn how to breathe synchronously with the movements of your body. But, unlike performing yoga alone, couples yoga is not only about bodily development in the form of exercises, it also helps to train the heart [READ: Yoga For Heart Health]. And, importantly, it helps couples to come together in harmony.
  • In couples yoga, there is a great deal of subtle contact and reliance on one another. This helps to build a connection between the two people, which can almost come to feel like a psychic connection. 

Best Poses For Couples Yoga

The positions of couples yoga (asanas) can be divided into two categories: symmetric asanas, and those in which partners take turns inactive and passive positions.

  • In symmetrical asanas, a man and a woman can learn to align with each other, feel breathing, and finding a common center of gravity.
  • In the second form of asanas, one of the partners takes an active position, helping the second to increase the mobility of any part of the body with external force. In this case, the active partner learns to feel and balance their efforts. If their efforts are weak, the exercise will be ineffective. If excessive, it can cause microtrauma, which will cause the other person to feel pained. When doing these couples yoga poses it is important to relax and to trust the body. Otherwise there will be tension and it will be impossible to perform the asana properly.

Many couples were surprised at the effect of couples yoga exercises. Some people state that after just a couple of classes they were much more flexible and felt far more energised than they did before. By learning to trust one another in yoga, a couple can develop their trust in real life. And the heightened intimacy also develops the relationship.

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