5 Crucial Ways To Be An [Even] Better Person

Do you keep asking yourself “how do I become a better person?” There are so many ideas, practices and techniques about how to become a better person that it can be hard to make time for them all. Here’s my top five ways to be a better person.


5 Ways to be a better person

Ways to be a better person #5: Stop Thinking so Much: Thinking too much is going to completely destroy your happiness. While it might not be necessary to develop a completely zen mentality, stopping thinking even for short periods like ten minutes will help to reset your mind and give you some important stress relief.


How do I become a better person? #4: Think Positive: One self improvement technique that can be used regularly without it interfering with your day to day life too much is simply challenging negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones. This is as simple as looking out for any statements like “I can’t. . . ” and replacing them with ” I CAN. .  .”



Ways to be a better peson #3: Take a Break: 
If you work a regular job you’re fortunate to have scheduled breaks. Those who are self employed or in control of their own hours, however, can find it hard to justify time away from work. Always remember: taking a break will make you more productive and more effective when you begin work again.




How to become a better person #2: Self Awareness: Every hour or so take just a couple of minutes to ask a few basic self awareness questions: What have I achieved in the past hour? Am I working effectively? Do I need to change my approach etc. These help to re-establish a sense of control.




Ways to be a better person : #1: Meditate: Meditation, for me, is the one and only absolute must of all self improvement techniques and tips. Meditation is the key. It helps both physical and mental health and it makes you happier and more productive. If you don’t have time for a top five, at least try to take ten minutes out of the day to meditate. The rewards will be more than worth it!



How To Improve Your Personality So You’re The Best Person Around


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