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If you’ve been looking for tips for your love life, here’s a good one: mindfulness can improve your sexual life in your 40s and beyond.

Many people turn to mindfulness practices to make them feel less stressed, more confident, and happier.

Mindfulness also helps people to cope with some mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

Even better, it can incredibly improve your sexual life in your 40’s.

Mindfulness simply means being fully aware of yourself and your surroundings. At this state, your mind can suppress depressive, negative, or anxious thoughts through meditation and breathing exercises.

Today, more and more relationship and sex therapists are using mindfulness practices as part of their counseling programs. Here are some of the ways mindfulness can help boost your sex life after 40:

How Mindfulness Improves Sex Life After 40

1. Mindfulness Helps You Pick up Your Partner’s Sex Cues

You may be having a boring sex life because you fail to notice some little sex cues from your partner. For instance, your partner may be winking at you over dinner or rubbing your back before going to bed.

If you don’t practice mindfulness, these small (but important) cues may go unnoticed. Noticing and acknowledging such signals is a crucial part of a healthy sex life. Feel free to talk to your partner about your sexual cues.

2. Mindfulness Helps You Honor Your Needs and Boundaries

Trust is one of the most important elements of any intimate relationship. Many people carry negative energies from previous relationships that may influence their feelings of safety and connectedness in their current relationships.

It’s vital to talk to your partner about these feelings so that they can be mindful of your needs, and vice versa. But you can’t talk about these feelings unless you know yourself first. And this is where mindfulness practice comes in. It helps you discover who you are, what you love, and what is pulling you back.

So the next time you are intimate with your partner, be attentive to your emotions and acknowledge them. This will help you communicate better with your partner, deepening your bond.[you can also try these meditations for intimacy]

3. Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Stress is the ultimate libido-killer. However, with frequent mindfulness practice, you can ease your nervous system out of tension and anxiety as well as slow down your heart rate. As a result, you will be in a better position to deal with day-to-day stressful encounters.
When stress becomes more manageable, you can have more energy and mental clarity to have intimate moments with your partner. [try these meditations for stress relief]

4. Mindfulness Makes You More Present

Mindfulness is being fully immersed in the present. This means drawing your mind to the present whenever it drifts away. Practicing mindfulness will help you increase your focus and presence during intimate moments with your partner.

Rather than stressing about what sex position you’re going to try next or whether you’ll cuddle later, allow yourself to enjoy the moment. You can achieve this by utilizing all your five senses – maintaining eye contact, touching, and even moaning.

5. Mindfulness Gives You Adequate Rest

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in every 4 couples says that they are so deprived of sleep [1]  that they are often too tired to have sex. But you shouldn’t let fatigue be an excuse for not being in the mood for sex.

With mindfulness practice, your body will have rest that’s deeper than sleep. This will not only help you feel relaxed but also more awakened. The new-found jolt of energy may be the missing element to take you and your partner to new heights in the bedroom.

6. Mindfulness Improves Your Confidence

When your mind can’t think beyond all the negativity around you, it can affect your self-confidence. Lack of confidence in yourself can sufficiently affect your performance in the bedroom.

Our society feeds us with limitless ideas about sexual self-worth, which may include objective concepts like beauty, sexual appeal, and attractiveness. In fact, when sexual advances stop, most people perceive it as the lack of these traits.

With mindfulness practice, you can find self-love which is an extremely important factor in love-making. Hurtful comments and opinions from other people will not affect you. This provides a much-needed emotional balance to enhance your sexual life.

7. Mindfulness Helps You Stop Looking to You Partner for Completion

Some of the most damaging words you will ever say to your partner is, “You complete me.” Your spouse, education, career, or money can never complete you. The happiness inside you is the only thing that can complete you. You complete yourself!

If you don’t practice mindfulness, you tend to look for happiness and fulfillment externally. External factors can never fill you up spiritually – fulfillment is an inside job. This is especially important for people who have separated or divorced their spouses.

Mindfulness helps you find happiness within yourself. As a result, you can still enjoy sex with a different partner in the future because you are not tied to a single person. You are a free soul.

8. Complement Your Mindfulness Practices

While mindfulness practices may have positive effects on your sex life, you may need some extra help, especially for older couples. You can complement your mindfulness practices with exercises, diet, and even supplements.
Treatments like DD Probiotic can help eliminate harmful bacteria in the vagina as well as maintain a healthy pH for more comfortable sex. A healthy vagina translates to a better sex life with your partner.

Practice Mindfulness for Mind-Blowing Sex

When you practice mindfulness regularly, it will not only help you have a better sex life but also have positive, transformative effects on your wellbeing for the rest of your life.

Pay attention to your surroundings and listen to what your body is telling you. Feel the taste of food in your mouth, feel the breeze of the wind on your skin, listen to your partner more attentively – be present. Rather than being a disengaged, judgmental spectator of your life, be an active participant who is fully aware of what is happening around you.

With this self-awareness, you will continue having mind-blowing sex into your senior years.

AUTHOR: Dani Fogel 
dani vogal queen vDani Fogel. is a Communication Coordinator at Brandable, based in Los Angeles, CA. She works on the Queen V brand within the company’s Digital and Ecommerce department.

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