How To Be As Charismatic As A Movie Star

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how to be charismatic

Want to know how to be charismatic? 

Why not learn from one of the most charismatic men on the planet. In this guide, The Rock.

The Rock might be a naturally charismatic man (and of course has the added benefit of being good looking) but the reason he is so charismatic is that he follows certain laws of attractiveness.

In fact, he follows many laws of attractiveness and charisma that you too can begin to take advantage of right now.

This guide to how to be charismatic like The Rock will have you electrifying those around you in no time.

How To Be Charismatic Law 1: Be Inwardly Still And Slow

It doesn’t matter what The Rock is doing. He could be running down the ramp, jumping off the turnbuckle, speaking into a mic or doing the people’s elbow in front of 70 000 fans, but he is always inwardly still and in control, and little surprise, for being slow and still inside is one of the most fundamental laws of how to be charismatic.

Being still and slow inside means being measured.

It is a mindset in which you’re never distracted, you’re always in control of your movements, always in control of your actions and your words.

People who are slow and still inside have an air of calmness in all situations. They appear to be in control of both themselves and their surroundings, and they appear confident and strong.

Notice, for instance, how every time The Rock speaks his messages are concise, clear and confident. That is because of his inner calmness.

If you want charisma, you need inner calm.


How To Be Charismatic Law 2: Perfect Posture

Perfect Posture is essential to charisma and to attractive body language. Perfect posture gives the impression that one is completely in control of their body. That is why it is an essential thing for actors, presenters and other TV / movie personalities to have.

Oftentimes, people (particularly men) believe that an attractive body is about being physically fit and muscular. While that can be true, what is even more important is the manner in which one holds their body, and this is something that does not require millions of sit-ups. Rather, it actually requires that you lie down for several hours in Alexander technique.  You can begin to improve your posture and further your understanding of how to be charismatic here


How To Be Charismatic Law 3: Speak With Intent

Every single time The Rock speaks he speaks with meaning and intent and this is evident in two ways. Firstly, The Rock’s diction is perfect. He speaks slowly and very clearly. He is aware of the inflection of his voice, the tone and volume and everything else. Every single part of his voice is masterfully controlled. The impression this gives is that his words are of value (after all, we assume that if something is being handled carefully it is valuable) and by being valuable we are more likely to listen.

Secondly, The Rock never ever stutters or shies away from saying anything. He has absolute clarity of thought, which means that the lines he says are delivered with clarity, making it both easier and more enjoyable to listen to him.

The 3rd law for how to be charismatic, then, is to have both clarity and purpose behind your words.



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