5 Keys To Mental Strength And Happiness That Positive People Live By

how to be mentally strong and happy

Your mind is the strongest tool you have.

In our guide to the subconscious mind we revealed how powerful the mind truly is.

The mind is the product of millions of neurons in your brain firing information at hundreds of miles an hour, a phenomenal process that spreads information so quickly it makes the internet look sluggish.

When your mind is at its strongest it propels you towards success and makes even Everest-scale challenges a doddle.

But like every other part of your body, the mind requires diligence and exercise.

That’s why you need to know not just how to become mentally strong and happy, but how to stay mentally strong and happy each and ever day, so that you wake up happy, have a great day, and go to bed happy at the end of it.

For mentally strong people, life is easy.


What does genuine mental strength feel like?

In 2007 I was at my peak. I was training for the London marathon while touring England on stage.

My days consisted of getting up at 5am to do yoga, followed by an hour’s meditation, then hitting a theatre once or twice a day to perform shows, before heading out for twenty mile runs. And it all felt so easy.

My mind was in free-flow state, and everything was wonderful. Everyday I felt mentally strong and happy. I started the day positively and stayed positive throughout the day.

I’m sure you’ve experience that state, when your mind is electric and you’re kicking ass without even trying.

When your mind is at its best, life is easy.

But then there are those days when your mind is a wreck.

Maybe you were out drinking the night before. Maybe you’re just stressed and have too much on your mind. Maybe you haven’t been sleeping. Those times, your mind is about as effective as a knife made of butter.

Those are the days when you become the office clown, when you accidentally bulk-message that photo of yourself drunk at the weekend to everyone in the company. Yeah…that was a mistake.

When your mind lacks strengths life chokes. When you are not mentally strong or happy, it shows.



The key is knowing how to make the mind strong every day

Take a look at these tips for being mentally strong every day.

The tips in that link, above, are all about maintaining strength. That’s important. Because most of us alternative between weak and strong.

At times we’re on fire, achieving the impossible. Other times we’re a mess. Sure, certain people on Facebook and pseudo-guru bloggers might claim that their minds are perfect all the time, but that just isn’t life.

When you know how to make your mind stronger every day, however, you take control and can operate at your maximum capacity.

So how do you get mentally strong and happy, and then stay there?

Here are five tips to get you started.


Tried those techniques?

They’re powerful ways to boost your mind.

Once you’ve tried those, give the following six tips a try. They will boost your mind big time.

How To Be Mentally Strong And Happy Every Day

Step 1: Novelty is the spice of a healthy brain

Your brain loves novelty.

]Your mind is the result of neurons firing information through your brain at hundreds of miles per hour. But when you keep doing the same thing time and time again you only exercise certain parts of your mind and the rest atrophies.

When you learn new things you activate regions of your brain that might have been idle for a long time.

Jason Shen on LifeHacker.com says, “When we learn a new skill… we’re changing how our brain is wired on a deep level. Science has shown that the brain is incredibly plastic… even older adults can see real transformations in their neurocircuitry.”

And it really doesn’t matter what you learn. It just matters that you learn something new.

  • Learn to cook for yourself
  • Try learning a new language.
  • Try a different kind of exercise.
  • Heck, just drive a different route to work.
  • Enjoy different types of movies / games / books.
  • Read the books and quotes of people you dont normally read.
  • Speak to new and different people.

According to Harvard.edu, “Challenging your brain with mental exercise is believed to activate processes that help maintain individual brain cells and stimulate communication among them. Many people have jobs that keep them mentally active, but pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill, or volunteering for a project at work that involves a skill you don’t usually use can function the same way.”

There are lots of brain training websites that takes advantage of this. Lumosity, for instance, gives you all types of games to play to train your brain.

But you don’t need to specifically play Lumosity games to make yourself mentally strong and happy.

Lots of video games will do the very same thing.

I’m a total nerd, and I play fighting games a lot (I even commentate at large tournaments). Those games require excellent reactions and a lot of strategy. They really make you think! And you’d better believe they exercise your brain and your mind.

Try picking a new game or a new type of mental exercise. You’ll active regions of your brain that have been idle. This is one of the best ways how to be mentally strong and healthy.

Another great new exercise to try is reading different types of books. As Sia Mohajer says on FinerMinds.com, “Fill your mind with the thoughts of great thinkers. People who inspire you. They also started much like you; minding each thought. You will become unstoppable.”


  1. Make yourself mentally strong by using your senses

In our guide to living in the moment we reveal why mindfulness changes your life.

One of the best ways to live in the moment is to get in touch with your senses.

Sensory information flows into your brain every second of every day. But if you’re distracted by thoughts you’ll ignore that sensory information, starving your mind of the nutrients it needs to grow stronger.






Senses. They’re a big deal.

Practice these mindful habits. They’ll make you  more aware of your senses. Which is huge.

Deane Alban on BeBrainFit says, “The key to exercising your brain is engaging all of your senses — sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell — in non-routine ways.…Travel, camping, and gardening are high on his list of activities that utilize all your senses in new ways.


  1. Forget your age. You’re still a genius

Smart people know how to defy the aging process.

Age. Schm-age (“Schm-age…?”). Anyway…

Age is nothing.

I’ve got a few grey bits developing among my black hair, and at the age of thirty-four I will sometimes joke that I’m senile, like when I go to bed with the door unlocked.

But science has proven that middle-aged people do not have memory problems, and that for the most part short-term memory is actually better in 40+ year-olds than in teens.

But here’s the crux. Believing that you have a weak mind and a weak memory will actually make you have a weak mind and weak memory.

The belief is self-fulfilling.

Scientists scratch their heads over this one. They’re not certain why believing you have a bad memory actually gives you a weak memory. Their best guess is that people who think they’re too old to have a memory are less likely to practice mental exercises, and therefore will experience cognitive decline.

Seems logical.

But for me, I tend to think that your beliefs shape you.

If you believe you will succeed you will (and vice versa). If you believe you’re healthy you probably will be. If you believe you have a good memory, you will have.

If you believe your mind is weak it will be.

That’s why you should discard as many of your negative beliefs as you can.

The average brain is believed to generate around 50,000 thoughts per day. 70% of them are negative. That’s one heck of a burden to carry around with you every day. Imagine if you actually wrote out those 35,000 negative thoughts and read them back to back. That’s what goes through the average person’s mind every day.

Snap out of your negative beliefs.

Don’t underestimate your own mind.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Believe in it. Know your mind is a powerhouse.


  1.  Dance

Take a look at this list of the top hobbies for mental strength and happiness.

Dancing is one of those hobbies.

There are many health benefits of dancing.

Dancing increases your serotonin levels—the brain’s natural happy drug. That’s why, even if you’re one of those people who “Doesn’t like dancing”, if you actually go and dance you will probably be happy within 2 minutes.





Shake it all about

Dance is extremely good for you.

Jacob Devaney on UpLiftConnect.com says, “Dancing is a form of exercise, which is known to release endorphins that reduce pain. Dancing also causes our brains to secrete the “bonding” hormone, oxytocin (also known as the “happy” or “love” neurohormone). High energy dance that includes synchronized movements with others will increase positive results.”

And while you’re happy and shaking yo groove thang you will also be making yourself smarter.

Actually, it is pretty amazing just how good dancing is for you. I find the psychology of dancing quite fascinating, which is why I wrote an article on all the health benefits of dancing. If that article doesn’t make your jaw drop, nothing will.

No wonder dance has been used as a spiritual practice for over 4000 years.


  1. Smash through a fear today

My guide to conquering fear shows smart strategies to rid yourself of your inner terror.

Fears are like road blocks in your mind. Imagine driving down a highway. 50 miles down the road is a place called Success Boulevard.

But before you get to Success Boulevard you have to pass Humble Avenue and Broke Ass Mountain.

You’re scared of Humble Avenue, and that Broke Ass Mountain place gives you the creeps. So you pull up. You stop driving. Because you’re too afraid to get to Success Boulevard.

That’s three areas that you’ve stopped yourself going. That’s three parts of your mind that you’re allowing to dwindle and die just because you don’t like two of them.

That’s not your mind working at optimum performance.

Your best bet—and the only way to get to Success Boulevard—is to keep on driving through Humble Avenue and Broke Ass Mountain. Because the only way how to be mentally strong and happy is to face fear and overcome it.

Don’t let your fear stop you. Be willing to look at the darker parts of your mind. Once you actually look your fear in the face you’ll see light there anyway.

Fear? Aint nobody got time for that.


6. Find the right balance between money, possessions, and experience

I personally used to believe that experiential living was what truly mattered. I was half right.

Science has proven that we need to balance money and “stuff” with experience. We need all three to feel truly great.

Take a look at this article about Finding happiness with money, possessions, and experience.




Your mind is amazing. It’s a powerhouse that is capable of achieving the unimaginable. These tips will make you mentally strong and happy every day.

Next why not read my ultimate guide to happiness.

If I missed anything let me know.