Simple, Fun Ways To Become Happy In Life [3 Min TUTORIAL]

It shouldnt be hard to know how to become happy in life, should it? I mean, happiness is a very basic thing. Yet it’s also something a great many of us struggle with. Thankfully, through the simple exercises we’ll share on this page you will learn how to become happy in life in no time.

Happiness is something many of us struggle with. We simply don’t know how to become happy in life. We might not be suffering from depression or anything, but we are aware that we could be much happier than we usually are.

Though we certainly are not depressed, we can still make use of some great self help for depression exercises, and alternative depression treatments, just to make sure that we steer clear of negative feelings and are happy on a day to day basis.

One of the best treatments for depression is also one of the best ways to be happy in life: through basic and simple exercise.

Simply by changing your body language you can quite quickly begin to feel happy in life. You can try this for yourself right now. Simply choose to sit up straight and tall, to hold your body correctly with good posture and to smile. This will create positive feelings.

Another great body language gesture to make you feel happy is to put your feet up on a desk. This is a confident and relaxed gesture which will create positive feelings.

Simple body language gestures like this, as you have seen, can create positive feelings in no time. Even better than this, however, is basic exercises like Yoga. No, you don’t need to stand on your head while meditating; just stretching your back out and doing very basic moves will create positive sensations.

The important thing is to recognise that we can use our body to change our mental moods. If you’re feeling down, ask yourself how you’re holding your body. It could be that the only reason you’re feeling down is because you’re holding your body in a negative way.


How To Be Happy in Life : Exercises

1)      Smile: Obvious, right? Research in the journal Psychological Science in 2012 proved that smiling makes you happy. Even if you don’t actually feel happy, force yourself to smile and you soon will.

2)      Hug: our bodies release oxytocin when we hug, causing us to feel more nurturing.

3)      Hold you chin upwards: Lift your chin just a little above neutral level and you will feel more confident and more positive.

4)      Dance: You don’t have to be at a club to dance. Just get up and shake your groove-thang a little bit. This is a great way how to reduce stress and improve focus and concentration.

When you’re feeling down, ask yourself how you’re holding and moving your body. The best way how to feel happy in life is to recognise how your body language is affecting your mood and to take control of it. Replace negative body language with positive body language and you will feel happy.

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