How To Choose Your Best Crystals For Meditation In 2019
How To Choose Your Best Crystals For Meditation In 2019

What are the best crystals for meditation? In this guide I will show you how to choose a meditation crystal so you can get more out of meditating. 

Just as different types of meditation are better for certain people, the best crystal for meditation is entirely dependent on who you are as a human-being.

That said, everyone can benefits from meditating with crystals [read my beginners guide to meditating with crystals].

With the best meditation crystals, your meditation practice will drastically improve. The best meditation crystals can help you to take your meditation practice further for a number of reasons. For starters, meditation crystals have special properties that can help to boost your mind-state. These range from crystals that help with anxiety [read: Meditation For Anxiety] to crystals that hep you to focus on studying.

So, one of the main benefits of crystals is that they provide special energy that can alter your mental state.

Another benefit of meditating with crystals is that it grounds your meditation.

When you meditate on an object you bind your energy to that object. For instance, if you have a Buddhist prayer bead mala, that mala will be full of peaceful energy. So when you wear your mala you feel more relaxed.

Meditation crystals do a similar thing. They carry special energy that helps return you to the state you were in when you meditate with the crystal. For instance, if you use meditation crystals for anxiety, the relaxed state of mind you feel when you meditate with the crystal will actually stay with the crystal. Then, when you see or touch the crystal you feel that calming energy.

Finally, a third benefit of crystals is that they can help to your focus mind. It can actually be easier to meditate on an object, and this is something Buddhists have been doing for millennia with a technique called Samatha Meditation.

How To Choose Your Best Crystals For Meditation

Meditation crystals are one of the best items you can have in your home meditation space [READ: Creating A Meditation Space]

If you want to know how to choose a meditation crystal, start by determining your own needs. 

Ultimately, you are choosing a meditation crystal in order to create certain desired states. So of course the best crystals for meditation are the ones that have the properties that you want to see in yourself.

This will completely depend on who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you want to achieve in your life.

So to choose a meditation crystal, ask yourself what you want to achieve

  • Do you want to achieve inner peace? If so get a meditation crystal for inner peace.
  • Want to ace your exams? Get a meditation crystal for focus and concentration.
  • Want to cure anxiety? Get a meditation crystal for anxiety.
  • Want love? Get a meditation crystal for love

You cannot choose your best meditation crystal until you determine what you want to get out of meditation.

So take a few minutes right now to answer this question: What would your best meditation crystal do do you?

Now take a look at the list below to choose your best meditation crystal.

Here are the best crystals for meditation   

If you want to know how to choose a meditation crystal, you have to understand the properties of different crystals.

My personal favorite crystals for meditation come from People Crystals. They offer a great chakra crystal set (read: chakra dhyana).

You can grab their crystals on Amazon.

My Best Meditation Crystal Set 


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For more specific uses, here are the properties of different meditation crystals.These descriptions will help you choose a meditation crystal.

Amethyst:  This crystal is used to quiet the mind in order to allow insight and wisdom to arise to the conscious level. Amethyst also enhances visualisation and alters consciousness.

Aquamarine: This is a wonderful gemstone which you can use to improve self awareness. It is very useful if you have lost touch with your centre.

Carnelian: This crystal focuses the mind and heightens concentration). Carnelian is very useful when studying. It also cures “monkey mind” and clears out your mind.

 Charoite: This stone is used for creating tranquillity and relaxation.

Crystal Cluster: This is a fantastic stone to use when meditating with someone else. It will heighten your connection to the other person.

Fluorite: This anchors you and grounds you, improving concentration.

Jade: Jade is a wonderful stone for calming the mind and for curing negative thinking.

Jasper Brown: If you are hoping to achieve a deep meditative state, this stone will help.

Labradorite: This helps to heighten your state of consciousnessness.

Lapis Lazuli: This enhances wisdom and insight.

Moonstone: Moonstone puts you in harmony with your unconscious mind, and promotes relaxation and peace of mind.

Obsidian: Used for spiritual protection.

Prehnite: Use this crystal to achieve clarity of mind.

Quartz: Quartz is a brilliant overall psychic enhancer, helping to heighten focus and concentration, to raise consciousness, and to improve mental clarity.

Sapphire: (Blue): This brings calmness to the mind and allows deeper intuition to come to light.

If you want the best crystals for meditation, here’s a great set  ($27.97)



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Take your time when choosing a meditation crystal. It’ss very important to select the right one for you. So if you need to take a second look at the list above, go ahead. 

For specific individual crystals I recommend Healing Crystals India’s range [AMAZON].

If you’re shopping for someone else, be sure to see our list of the best meditation gifts

Once you’ve chosen, you’re going to want to cleanse that crystal. So let’s take a quick look at how to cleanse a crystal. And then we will look at how to actually meditate on a crystal.


And That Is How To Choose Your Best Crystals For Meditation

Now you know how to choose your best crystals for meditation. 

The best idea is to decide what you really want to get from a meditation crystal. Benefits vary by crystal, so choose what you want and then grab the appropriate crystal. 

So, which meditation crystal is best for you?

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