An Honest Guide To Maum Meditation For Beginners

maum meditation technique

Maum meditation is a relatively new meditation technique. It was founded in 1996 by Korean Woo Myung in South Korea. This was in the wake of  Transcendental Meditation, which had started to be popular in the West in the early 1960s. 

Of the more than 31 meditation techniques we’ve covered on THE DAILY MEDITATION, maum is one of the most controversial.

Maum Meditation is based around the idea that most people live in a false world and not in reality itself.  They are trapped in “false mind”.

Those who practice Maum meditation believe that it helps them to move out of the false world and into the real one.

However, this idea of fake and real worlds is partly why Maum has come under so much attack over recent times, as I’ll discuss in just a sec.

Maum is one of the lesser known meditations because it has been so heavily criticised ever since it was first created.


So here’s a warning: Lot’s of people believe maum meditation is a cult

In just a sec I’ll share the full instructions for performing the maum techniques.

But first up I have to provide a couple of warnings.

Firstly, there are many people who have stated that maum is a cult and is dangerous.

Personally, I take that with a big pinch of salt. Because fifty years ago people thought that Buddhist meditation was dangerous, a cult, evil, going to kill you (seriously, take a look at these myths and lies about meditation).

In the West we very quickly label things cults and then decades later change our minds.

Back in the 50s if you told someone that you practiced meditation they would presume that you were cutting the heads off chickens and putting curses on everyone and their mum.  I exaggerate, of course, but it is well documented that people used to consider meditation “voodoo-hoodooo”.

Nevertheless, lots of people who say that Maum is a cult.

There’s actually a very interesting discussion on this on Quora.

Quora user Mack More says:

“All cults share the same set of control tactics, because there is only one method of non-chemical mind control that works. So if you learn that set, you are protecting yourself, not only against one cult, but all cults.

It has to do with psychological and social pressure.

All of the pressures are applied simultaneously, such that the recruit is overwhelmed, and in response to that overwhelm, the cult hopes, the recruit will “voluntarily” give up their critical thinking faculties and subordinate their free will to the will of the group.” CONTINUE READING.

So is Maum a cult?

Whether Maum is a cult or not is not for me to judge. If you want a website that judges you’re on the wrong one. THE DAILY MEDITATION believes in an open mind.  Whether or not maum is a genuine and helpful technique is not under our jurisdiction to argue.


How To Do Maum Meditation Technique

The best way to learn Maum meditation is through Woo Myung’s books.

Presuming you have read the warning about this potentially being a cult. I will share what I know of this technique for educational purposes only.

As with all meditation techniques on this website, we strongly advise you to read the instructions slowly and carefully so you fully understand the procedure first. We also recommend contacting a healthcare professional before beginning and perhaps hiring a meditation teacher.

Maum meditation technique uses eight stages. The first seven stages prepare practitioner to leave the false world and enter the real world. When you’re first learning how to do maum meditation read these instructions slowly and go easy.

1: The first stage of maum meditation aims to create oneness between the practitioner and the universe. To do this stage, sit comfortably on a meditation cushion or yoga mat. Now visualise the death of your physical body and imagine your soul floating off into space.

2: The second stage of muam meditation gets the practitioner to recognise “False Mind.” This stage moves you past feelings, emotions and thoughts. To do this, imagine that you are in space and there is a black hole next to you. Now visualise yourself throwing your emotions and thoughts into this black hole. Now throw your spiritual self into the black hole.

3: This stage destroys your emotions and memories. To do it, imagine that you are putting everything that defines you (your possessions and such) onto a conveyor belt. Visualise your possessions moving along the conveyor belt into a fire. They are destroyed.

4: The fourth stage of maum meditation requires that you do a simple chore like cleaning the dishes. Associate this task with the destruction of your physical form.

5, 6 and 7: Stages five six and seven are repeats of stage 4 with different chores. With each chore you do, imagine your physical form being destroyed more and more.

Maum Meditation USA Introduction to Maum Meditation Official Version 360p

So you’ve learnt how to do maum meditation. But there’s an important question to ask: Is Maum meditation just a cult?

Many believe that maum meditation may just be a cult.

What do you think?

Is maum meditation a legitimate form of meditation of is it just a cult?

Share your thoughts in a comment.


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