Beautiful spiritual artwork of Merkaba meditation technique.

In this guide, I will show you how to do Merkaba meditation so you can activate Merkaba to ascend to the higher realm.

Of all the different meditation techniques, this is arguably the most powerful.

When you practice Merkaba meditation technique, you will transcend three-dimensional existence and transform into a body of light.

Merkaba meditation technique enables the individual to ascend or descend in terms of consciousness. At the ultimate ascension you will be liberated from the three-dimensional world, discovering the fourth dimension.

In other words, it will help you to achieve enlightenment.

Let me show you how to do Merkaba meditation technique properly so you can activate Merkaba.

What is Merkaba Meditation Technique And What Happens When You Activate Merkaba?

Different religions and spiritualities explain Merkaba in different ways.  (read our dictionary of spiritual words for our definition).

Here is what the word means, according to different religions.


Note: This technique is not ideal for beginners. If you are ready for techniques like this, you’ll probably want to try my deep meditation techniques.

Mer Ka Ba Meditation 1


Here are the instructions for activating Merkaba with meditation. Before beginning, you will need to know how to do chakra meditation properly.

  1. First breath: Palms up, thumb and first finger touching. Inhale. See white light. Open root chakra. See red light. Exhale through nose. Fill upper tetrahedron
  2. Second breath: Thumb and second finger touching. Inhale. See orange light. Open sacral chakra. Exhale. Feel upper tetrahedron fill with orange light.
  3. Third breath: Thumb and third finger together. See yellow. Inhale. Open solar plexus chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with yellow light.
  4. Fourth breath: Thumb and fourth finger together. See green. Open heart chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with green light.
  5. Fifth breath: Thumb and first finger together. See blue. Open throat chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with blue.
  6. Sixth breath: Thumb and second finger together. See indigo. Open brow chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with indigo.
  7. Seventh breath: Thumb and third finger together. See violet. Open head chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with violet light.
  8. Eigth breath: First and second fingers touching. Visualize tube of prana entering from the top and bottom of spine. Inhale. Visualize the two beams meeting at your naval. They form a sphere of light. Exhale
  9. Ninth breath: open heart chakra. Feel love. Prana sphere grows. Exhale. Prana sphere grows. Put longest finger in center of naval.
  10. Tenth breath: Inhale. Visualize the sphere growing. Exhale. Blow through a small hole between your lips. Imagine golden light flowing out of your fingers. Let air out rapidly. Imagine your body wrapped in golden light.
  11. Eleventh breath: Open heart and feel love. Relax. Let your prana flow through the tube. Breathe rhythmically.
  12. Twelfth breath: Feel love in the sphere of light.
  13. Thirteenth breath: Inhale and imagine all negativity moving outside the sphere of light. Exhale and let prana flow through the sphere.
  14. Fourteenth breath: Put your palms on top of each other facing upwards. Inhale. Move the sphere of light to the 4th chakra. Breathe from this space. Exhale. Feel the prana flow
  15. Fifteenth breath: Say in your mind “Equal speed” and see the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Exhale.
  16. Sixteenth: Say “34, 21” and see the tetrahedron in your mind spinning 34 timesand the emotional tetrahedron 21 times. Exhale. Blow out with force.
  17. Seventeenth breath: Imagine the tetrahedron spinning at 9/10 the speed of light.

Facts about Merkaba

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