Merkaba Meditation – What You Need To Know

In this guide, I will show you how to do Merkaba meditation so you can activate your divine energy. This is a powerful tool for ascension, healing, and manifestation that uses sacred geometry and divine love.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite spiritual meditation techniques.

When you practice Merkaba, it is said that you will transcend three-dimensional existence and transform into a body of light.

Merkaba is a technique that lets us ascend or descend levels of consciousness. When you achieve ultimate ascension you will be liberated from the three-dimensional world, discovering the fourth dimension.

Researcher Drunvalo Melchizede says that Merkaba is one of the most powerful ways of healing the mind, body, and spirit. Incredibly, it can even help you achieve enlightenment.

My students are amazed when I teach them this method in my online meditation sessions. 

So, let me show you how to do it.

What is Merkaba Meditation?

Different religions and spiritualities explain Merkaba in different ways [1].  (read our dictionary of spiritual words for our definition).

Here is what the word means, according to different religions.


The bible states that Ezekiel ascended to heaven on a vehicle called Merkaba, the throne-Chariot of God. This is the understanding of Merkabah in Jewish mysticism.


The word Merkaba is written a total of forty-four times in the Old Testament.


The Hebrew version of the word Merkaba is “Merkavah” which means both “Chariot” and “Throne of God”.  


In Ancient Egypt, Mer-Ka-Ba were three words, which put together mean “Light. Spirit. Body.” This is where the real understanding of the term comes in. It speaks of radiating light to ascend the spirit and body.  


Zulu author Credo Mutwa tells us that Merkaba (one word) refers to a time / space / dimensional vehicle. He tells us that his entire tribe believe themselves to have been brought to Earth from an alternate dimension through Merkaba, the inter-dimensional time / space vehicle.

Sacred Geometry

In geometry and science, ascension means transforming the body into light. When we do this, we escape the three-dimensional existence for a higher plane. This is similar to the spiritual awakening process.

Mer-Ka-Ba is an “electro-magnetic field sitting at about four degrees Kelvin”. It is mainly found in the microwave range and is geometric, or more specifically it is “Sacred Geometry”—geometric patterns found in all creation.

The specific Merkaba geometry is extraordinarily complex and is said to extend through all dimensions and universes. The Merkaba geometry wraps around the body, awaiting activation. When this dormant power is discovered, the individual undergoes a remarkable transformation.

Merkaba activation can traditionally be achieved by drawing and meditating on the mandalas of the Flower of Life.

Benefits of Merkaba Meditation

  • Purifies the flow of prana through the body and mind.
  • Harmonises the brain hemispheres to improve cognitive abilities and emotional wellbeing. 
  • Helps us to feel complete and unconditional love.   
  • Similar to the process of Self Actualization by Abraham Maslow, Merkaba Meditation benefits us by making us our highest self.
  • Opens the third eye pineal gland and its wealth of wisdom and knowledge.


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Activation of Merkaba - Guided Meditation


Here are the instructions for activating Merkaba with meditation. Before beginning, you will need to know how to do chakra dhyana properly.

Start by sitting comfortably. Follow the steps below carefully. This is a profoundly deep method.

Refer to this image for the sacred geometry (you will see what I mean when you begin the instructions below). 

merkaba meditation

  1. Spend a few moments mindful breathing. This is essential for calming and clearing the mind before progressing into Merkaba. 
  2. Visualize two tetrahedrons (triangular pyramids). One of the pyramids begins just below your feet and reaches up past the top of your head, its tip pointing upwards. This is the UPPER TETRAHEDRON. The other tetrahedron has its base just above your head and reaches to below your feet, its tip pointing downwards. This is the LOWER TETRAHEDRON. There is also a tube of prana that flows from above your head all the way down through your centre and out of your feet. (Study the image to familiarise yourself with this). 
  3. First breath: Palms up, thumb and first finger touching. Inhale. See white light. Open root chakra. See red light. Exhale through nose. Fill upper tetrahedron
  4. Second breath: Thumb and middle finger touching. Inhale. See orange light. Open sacral chakra. Exhale. Feel upper tetrahedron fill with orange light.
  5. Third breath: Thumb and ring finger together. See yellow. Inhale. Open solar plexus chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with yellow light.
  6. Fourth breath: Thumb and little finger together. See green. Open heart chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with green light.
  7. Fifth breath: Thumb and first finger together. See blue. Open throat chakra. Exhale. Fill upper tetrahedron with blue.
  8. Sixth breath: Thumb and middle finger together. See indigo. Open brow chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with indigo.
  9. Seventh breath: Thumb and ring finger together. See violet. Open head chakra. Fill upper tetrahedron with violet light.
  10. Eigth breath: First and second fingers touching. Visualize tube of prana entering from the top and bottom of spine. Inhale. Visualize a sphere of light at your navel. Exhale
  11. Ninth breath: open heart chakra. Feel love. Prana sphere grows. Exhale. Prana sphere grows. Put your ring finger in the center of naval.
  12. Tenth breath: Inhale. Visualize the sphere growing. Exhale. Blow through a small hole between your lips. Imagine golden light flowing out of your fingers. Let air out rapidly. Imagine your body wrapped in golden light.
  13. Eleventh breath: Open heart and feel love. Relax. Let your prana flow through the tube. Breathe rhythmically.
  14. Twelfth breath: Feel love in the sphere of light.
  15. Thirteenth breath: Inhale and imagine all negativity moving outside the sphere of light. Exhale and let prana flow through the sphere.
  16. Fourteenth breath: Put your palms on top of each other facing upwards. Inhale. Move the sphere of light to the 4th chakra. Breathe from this space. Exhale. Feel the prana flow
  17. Fifteenth breath: Say in your mind “Equal speed” and see the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Exhale.
  18. Sixteenth: Say “34, 21” and see the tetrahedron in your mind spinning 34 times and the emotional tetrahedron 21 times. Exhale. Blow out with force.
  19. Seventeenth breath: Imagine the tetrahedron spinning at 9/10 the speed of light.


  • When a person’s Merkaba field is activated, via the meditation above, an electro-magnetic shift occurs. This results in the excretion of a disc of energy that develops at the spine and extends thirty feet from the body. The energy is perceivable by scientific means and is said to have been tested by various governmental institutions. 
  • Some believe that Russia is using Mer-Ka-Ba in their spy programs. 
  • Bizarely, many disparate religions and spiritualities mention Markaba in sacred texts, but even so it is wrapped in secrecy and mysticism


I have taught Merkaba meditation to many people in my online sessions. Indeed, I get more interest in this meditation than any other. And I think that makes sense. Merkaba is probably the single most spiritual meditation technique in the world. You simply have to experience it.

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By Paul Harrison

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