5 Things That Will Make You Happy Today

We just opened our mail and found an email from a read asking “What can I do to feel happy?” We thought we’d answer with this article.

Perhaps no sensation is more universally desired than the sense of freedom. Whether we wish to feel free from work and the worries therein, or free from problematic relationships, or perhaps free from monetary concerns, we all desire more freedom.


Freedom is immensely important. If we do not feel free, we feel unable to explore, to try new things, to try new ways of doing old things. .  we feel stuck. This is a huge problem in life. Many people feel stuck for whole years on end. They get caught in ways of doing things, even if those ways are unhealthy and unproductive.

You know yourself whether you need to create more freedom in your life. If you do need to feel more freedom, there are some fantastic exercises you can do to immediately create that freedom. Five of the best exercises follow here.



Five Great Exercises for how to Feel Free

 1: Get out in the open: The mental is directly related to the physical. If you want to feel more mental freedom, get out somewhere that offers you more physical freedom. Go for a long walk in the middle of nowhere, or go for a swim. . . anywhere that makes you feel more physically free.



2: Appreciate Your Skills and Options:

Far too many people underestimate the opportunities they have in life. Make a list of all your qualifications and skills and either got to a job specialist or do some research online about the kind of work you could do. You may very well be surprised about the options you have.






3: Speak to someone new:


What do you do when you get stuck in a certain ways of thinking that you can’t escape from? Talk to someone who thinks differently, that’s what. Have a good chin-wag with someone you wouldn’t usually speak to. Odds are they’ll have a different way of looking at life or at work or at any other subject. By listening to them you’ll open your mind to new ways of thinking. It will be a very freeing experience.







4: Stop Judging, Start Accepting:


When we judge ourselves or other people, we serve to close our minds. We see ourselves as thin / fat, rich / poor, smart / stupid, popular / unpopular. The more judging we d
o, the more limited and constricted we feel. Challenge your judgements and aim to adopt a more accepting and non-judgmental mentality.







5: Take a Risk: People who have jumped out of planes say it’s a very freeing experience. So do people who take similar risks. Take a SAFE risk (in other words don’t do anything to harm yourself).  Go bungee-jumping (for instance). The sense of exhilaration will allow you to momentarily escape your habitual thought patterns and get out of your mind. It’s an utterly freeing experience.

With these five exercises to how to feel free, you’ll develop a much greater sense of freedom in no time. And as a result you will feel happier.



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5 Things That Will Make You Happy Today

5 Things That Will Make You Happy Today

We just opened our mail and found an email from a read asking “What can I do to feel happy?” We thought […]

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