5 Clever Methods For Getting Stuff Done Faster [TUTORIAL]


If you’re struggling to achieve enough in the day, we’ve got the cure for you. Use these tips to get things done faster. They will double your productivity.



Do you ever ask yourself “Why do I never get anything done”? Let’s answer that question.

Here’s the hard reality of the matter. There’s only one way to get things done faster: that way is by actually doing them. Sadly, a great many people spend so much of their time in the tomorrow and in the “planning stage” that the actual “doing stage” never seems to come around. For example:

I’m on my way to work in the morning when I decide I’ll go running after work – planning stage

Works done and now I’m going home. . . but I’m way too tired to run tonight. Maybe tomorrow – lack of action, returning, again, to the planning stage.

So much planning, so little doing.

The key to knowing how to get things done faster is to stop working in the “planning stage” and start working in the “doing stage.” Sadly, most people think they need to plan in order to do. This simply is not the case. “Planning” is a mode of the mind. The more we plan, the more we train our mind to work in the planning stage. Conversely, the more we focus on DOING the more we train our brains to work in the “doing stage.”

So, just how exactly do we train our brain to work in the “doing stage?”

How to get things done faster by entering the “Doing stage.”

1: Always focus on what you’re actually doing: Do you tend to think and plan when walking to work, taking a break and doing other unimportant things? If so, challenge yourself to stop using that time to plan and instead use it train your brain in the “doing stage.” Walking to work? Focus on walking. Drinking coffee? Focus on drinking coffee. Stop programming your brain to work around tomorrows and around plans and starting training your brain to be mindful of what you are actually doing.

Read this free guide to living in the moment. 


2. Exercise: Exercise is pretty much god for everything, right? So it’s no surprise it’s good for this too. Any kind of exercise will make you more mindful and get your brain working on “doing” rather than planning.


3: Spontaneity: When you act spontaneously you reconnect with the present moment, returning your mind to the “doing stage.” It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing. I personally enjoy spontaneous cooking (making something up on the spot) and spontaneous dancing (as an actor I do stupid things like dancing for now reason all the time. . . guess it comes with the trade). Do anything spontaneously and you’ll reconnect with the moment. . .well, except spontaneous combustion; it’s best to give that one a miss.


4: Stop planning: I used to plan my work meticulously ahead of time. Then the time would come and I’d sit there planning what to do next. Again, this is because I was training my brain in the “planning stage” and not the “doing stage.” Try not to plan unless it’s something that really needs a plan.


5: Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is essentially being aware of the present moment. You can practice mindfulness by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. This silences your thought and brings you into the present moment, increasing energy levels and making you get stuff done! There’s a great guide to Mindfulness HERE. 


So, the key to knowing how to get things done faster is training your brain to enter the “doing stage” and leaving the “planning stage” 

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